Advanced Home Audio

The home audio industry has seen massive and rapid improvements in recent years. Smart technology and advancements in speaker capabilities mean that you can easily add incredible sounding music to as many zones in your home or business as you like. With modern, stylish speakers designed to blend discreetly into their environment and Wi-Fi enabled smart technology, you’ll find yourself adding music to your spaces and brightening your day more often purely because it is so simple and quick. Ryelec audio systems use the latest in smart sound technology, with intuitive, user-friendly control via smart devices.

Grab your phone, select a song, station, podcast or audio book on your favourite streaming platform, and send the music to whichever zone you are in. Or, group your zone with other areas around the home and play your selected music in multiple zones – with varied volumes. Or play a different source in every zone. There are hundreds of internet radio stations you can save and choose from as well as all your other favourite services such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Audible, and many more. Home audio can be controlled from your phone, wall-mounted touchscreens, smart remotes or wall switches. And best of all, your phone’s audio will not effect the music over the speakers at all: take a phone call or film a video and no matter what, the sound won’t interrupt your speakers – your selected song will just keep playing in the background.

Sonos Audio Control

Advanced Speakers

An incredible sound system is the underlying foundation of an ambient, entertaining relaxing space, one where music is effortless to add. The most advanced speaker design is available to add to all rooms of your home or venue, with custom designs and features for different areas without imposing on your aesthetic. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are available with full-bodied, smooth audio that artfully emerges from the walls and ceilings, and paintable, magnetic grilles that cover the entire speaker and leave a discreet, sleek appearance. These speakers are perfect for discretely hiding in the ceilings of a zone such as a bedroom or kitchen. You can even get invisible speakers that are installed at gyprock stage and become part of the ceiling. And for living spaces or home theatres, the in-wall speakers will blow you away with their sound quality. Ryelec can design and engineer the perfect audio-visual system for your theatre room so your speakers are positioned perfectly to immerse you in your movies and so you can control the entire system using one smart device.

Outdoor Advanced Speakers
Outdoor Speaker System

Advanced Outdoor Audio

Outdoor audio can sometimes be difficult when you are battling the elements, but thankfully outdoor audio capabilities have advanced just as beautifully as indoor home audio systems. It is now possible to project perfectly even sound coverage directly into an entire listening area with equal volume and crystal clear definition, turning the whole outdoor space into listening bliss. Grab your cup of coffee, select your favourite morning Spotify playlist from your phone and start your day with soft but flawless audio in your back patio. Family barbecues are even better with speakers right by the pool, and easily group that audio with your living areas so everyone can enjoy the music. And for those later nights and louder volumes, it’s like having a professional audio system all around your backyard. Song requests are much easier with the music in your pocket, while directional speakers and engineered sound keep neighbour disturbances to a minimum.

Outdoor speaker designs are at incredible levels – from wall-mounted, completely weatherproof, aesthetically refined speakers in white or black; to landscape satellite loudspeakers on spikes to tuck inconspicuously yet securely amongst your yard; to arguably most impressively – burial subwoofers. To achieve the ultimate boom, you need a lot of air to move, so the modern solution to maintaining your neat garden but still delivering that thump is to bury the sub, leaving only an earth-coloured cap that discreetly protrudes from the ground. We can engineer an audio system tailored to your outdoor area and to your budget.

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