Want to work with us but not near Sydney?

That’s okay! We want to work with you too. And we definitely don’t only take on jobs close to Sydney! We have remotely completed automation jobs all over Australia from our South Sydney office. Ranging from small tasks such as TeamViewering into your computer to help you solve an automation issue, to large jobs such as entire home automation systems bench-wired, tested and programmed in our office and then shipped for local on-site electricians to install. We love to get involved with your projects!

If you are a home owner or you’re about to build a home and you would like us to design your automation system – we can develop an entire lighting and lighting/home control design and give it to your local electrician for wiring; we can supply and program all control equipment; and we can build your custom GUI to suit your home.

If you’re an electrician or automator and you would like our help on a project that you’re involved with, we’re more than keen to jump in! Doesn’t matter where in the world you are – the beauty of the internet! Email us or give us a call to discuss your home or commercial automation project.          

Take a look at this remotely-programmed job

This project is a perfect example of how much of a job can actually be completed remotely. A home automation system in Maroochydore, all designed and programmed in Sydney. We have never been onsite. Take a read of the project spotlight to see how much the bench-testing took over our office and see the gorgeous custom project we created them to perfectly suit their industrial-style home!

3D Floor Plan From Above
Smart Home Custom GUI

Looking for someone to design and pre-program your automation project?

If the Clipsal C-Bus SHAC & NAC technology is a bit overwhelming for you and you don’t have the time to design an entire system, we’re always available to lend a hand. We understand that this technology is relatively new and very different to the Clipsal software that many experienced automators might be used to, but don’t let this stop you from taking on automation jobs or using a SHAC! You can simply contract us to do the graphical user interface and preprogramming of your project, while you do the electrical work onsite. We charge at an hourly rate and our standard completion time of a project is 3 days. This includes custom floor plans if possible, one of our Interface Packages loaded in which you are free to extract and use on your own projects, an entire GUI project with Dashboard, Overview page with indicators, Control pages for each zone with any controllable features of that zone, as well as all the other amazing things we usually include in projects, custom CSS, scripting, date & time, weather forecast, schedules, scenes, etc, anything you need! We love a challenge and we’re confident in our ability to solve any complex automation issue that you may have.     

Advanced Programming

The project spotlight below is a great example of a complex automation issue that a fellow electrician/ programmer encountered. A large hotel in Melbourne wanted some advanced lighting tracking for their meeting rooms, as well as advanced app security, but rather than him having to turn down the job or have troubles throughout, he just contacted Ryelec and we were able to write some custom scripting and engineer a solution to all the problems! Plus design an impressive GUI to go alongside.

Floor Plans & Interface Packages

And if you just want us to be a little bit involved in your projects, you can always use some of our graphics on your own automation interfaces. We can design custom 3D floor plans for your projects to take your interfaces to the next level. And, we have a range of Clipsal C-Bus interface packages for sale, in dark and light styles to suit different spaces, which you can simply load into the Clipsal configurator and you have an entire finished sample project there for you to customise and then install. Saving you hours and making your automation projects wow your customer – we find most customers don’t even know that home automation is at the graphical level that it is. Blow them away. Shop our graphics.