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Your control system is the core of your smart home. It is essentially the ‘app’ that you’ll interact with to control your entire home when you’re there or away. Either from wall-mounted or roaming touchpanels, smart remotes or your smartphone. Home control systems bring everything together so all the electrical components feel cohesive and connected. Then your smart switches can focus on the quick, convenient control in each room.

We offer two main control systems to choose from – Basalte Home or Savant Home.

Basalte are one of the leading providers of luxurious smart home products worldwide. Their range of touchpanels and switches are stylish, high-end and incredibly smart. Opting for a Basalte Smart Home is an excellent decision and will ensure you end up with a cohesive and capable system that impresses you every day for years to come. Choosing trusted providers and established brands for your smart home ensures your system is tried and tested and future-proof. Let’s explore why we think a Basalte Smart Home control system is one of the best options available.



Basalte Home.

Basalte is a Belgium company with a unique focus on combining design and technology. Basalte Home is trusted as one of the best control system options worldwide. Their beautiful selection of control products are ultra-smart, luxurious and intuitive to use. Basalte’s designer products are made to keep things simple and elegant, both in form and function. They’re available in several premium finishes and are known to be incredibly user-friendly. You can see all the finish options below.

Basalte Smart Home finish options for smart home products

A Basalte Home control system can adjust everything in the home down to the finest detail with just a gentle touch of panels, switches phones or remotes.
Basalte control product options to install around your home include the stunning Ellie Panel, the larger Lena Panel and the compact Lisa Panel. As well as the Eve iPad docking station, Miro Remote and Adelante Door Phone.

We’ll now explore all these options…

Ellie Panel.

Elegant, full HD 5.5″ touchscreen. Perfect for every room or key areas. Slim design and premium finish to blend beautifully with all interiors. Wakes up to display the controls for the room you’re in. Compact yet highly capable and can control the entire home.
Control lights and shades, adjust detailed HVAC, TV, music and volume control. Receive intercom calls, control doors and security, view CCTV cameras, trigger home scenes and more.


Basalte Smart Home Ellie Panel

Basalte Smart Home Ellie Panel and Fibonacci Switch



Lena Panel.

Ellie’s big sister. Flagship, full HD LCD 10.0″ touch display panel designed to elevate the smart living experience. Seamlessly combines elegance with intuitive functionality.
Perfect for main living areas. Large screen for user-friendly, expansive control of your entire home. Adjust lights, shades, climate and scenes. Start your favourite playlist at the slightest touch. Call to other Lena, Ellie and Lisa displays in your home. See who’s at your doorstep and let them in. Large view of your security cameras.
Your whole home is at your fingertips, met with tactile technology in luxurious finishes.




Lisa Panel.

Compact, powerful and convenient. Controls all functions of a room on a HD LCD 3.1″ touchscreen. The same size as a standard light switch but with vast, intuitive control. Perfect for areas where you want quick control with minimal visual intrusion.

Refined and minimalist, Lisa evokes sophistication. Gets to the core of what you need from a control panel and strips everything else back. Lights, shades, climate, music and more, all within a few swipes of a luxurious panel.




Eve iPad Mount.

Use an iPad to display the Basalte app to control your entire home. This way, you also have all the other great capabilities of an iPad. Basalte have 3 iPad mount options ~ Eve, Eve Curve or Eve Plus. They are understated and minimalist designs, only adding the bare minimum to the iPad’s iconic look. Available in Basalte’s premium finishes.
Eve is an elegant iPad mount to keep your iPad securely mounted to a wall and permanently charged at all times.



Basalte Home Control Phone App.

This is what you’ll use to control your home via your smartphone.
The app is modern and well-developed with diverse capabilities. Create and edit your own ‘scenes’ for the entire home and personalise wallpaper images and room names to suit your home.



Miro Remote.

Revolutionises the standard remote design. Control audio-visual, lighting, shades and climate all from the one smart, touchscreen remote.
Interactive 2” super black touch display.
The perfect ratio of touch display, buttons and joystick. Ergonomic feel and slim design of the aluminium body to perfectly balance in the palm of your hand.

Charges wirelessly with the Miro base, available in 6 premium finishes. Gently put Miro on its base and it will start charging automatically.



Adelante Door Phone.

Adelante is a luxury door phone for Basalte Home, available in high-quality finishes.
5.5” full HD OLED touch display with high contrast physical doorbell button. Modular design. Build your perfect door phone with several options available – security cameras, badge reader, fingerprint recognition and more.
Multiple camera options.
Installation on-wall or on a separate pole.
Perfectly integrates into your Basalte Home system.





Did any of those Basalte Smart Home products stand out as a favourite to you? You can mix and match products and finishes around your home to build your unique, dream smart home system. If you’d like to see more, visit our Control Systems page to take a closer look at Basalte Home. Then book a free showroom consult to interact with the Basalte products in real time.

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