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Job Title: Home automation programmer/systems integrator

Understanding in-

  • Networking (home networks, remote access of systems such as CCTV and alarms)
  • Lighting control programming (e.g. C-bus, Dynalite)
  • Audio-visual control systems programming (e.g. RTI, Push controls)
  • Design and project management of audio visual systems and integration of 3rd party products into automation control systems

Strong computer skills are a must

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The underlying company goal at Ryelec is to be the first on your mind when you think cutting-edge automation and audio-visual systems for both home and commercial projects.

To achieve this goal, we require the best people in the business – the type of people who are always thinking about how we can better every system we install and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Instead of saying “it’s too hard,” we say, “let’s find the best way to achieve this.”

We have an ever-growing team, as the home and commercial automation industry is growing exponentially.
From fully licenced electricians and apprentices on the ground installing the appropriate cabling and hardware; programmers and systems integrators to design and program custom solutions to suit each and every project; to our design and project management team ensuring our projects are always efficient and being completed at only the highest of standards.

A business is nothing without its employees, and we know that at Ryelec. We are built on a strong team culture where every employee feels valued, appreciated and welcome. No matter what level, our employees are encouraged to ask questions, seek feedback and challenge themselves so that, ultimately, Ryelec achieves its best work as a whole. Regular team events reinforce the solidarity at Ryelec and not only act as way of checking up on how the employees feel progress is moving, but also as a way to just catch up with colleagues.

Interested in a career with Ryelec? We are always looking for the right person to join our team.