Clipsal Light Switches | The modern take on classic light switches

Selecting switches for your home is one of the most important electrical decisions. Placed throughout every room, the switches are what you’ll interact with most. With a Ryelec smart home, you’ll have access to some of the finest switch choices from around the world. Powerful smart switches that go far beyond the standard light switch you may be used to. Each of our trusted switch brands have a variety of finishes and designs to choose from so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect smart switches to match the beautiful aesthetic of your dream home.

Ryelec smart homes bring all the technology into one control system so we can place stylish, luxurious touchpanels in key areas and keep the switches around the home refined and artistic. The touchpanels allow for detailed control of the entire home so that the switches can just focus on quick and convenient control.

Our go-to brands for switches include BasalteEkinexZETR and Clipsal.

Here we’ll explore the world of Clipsal light switches and our favourites from their range. 



Clipsal is one of Australia’s leading providers of electrical products. They’re known for their reliable, stylish and accessible switch options.

Our favourite of the Clipsal light switches are from the Iconic range and the Saturn Zen range. Beautiful, timeless switches that are luxurious to the touch and effortless to control.

Clipsal Light Switches Saturn Zen EDLT Black


Clipsal light switches intersect minimalism with industrial style. Strong, tactile switches that enhance and modernise the classic, well-loved switch design.


See Clipsal light switches looking right at home at Bunker House Gerringong…


Clipsal have a beautiful variety of switch colours, features and configurations.

The switches can control diverse smart home features such as lighting, shades, climate, AV and security. All whilst remaining highly user-friendly.

Our favourite ranges of Clipsal switches are Iconic, Iconic Essence and Saturn Zen.

Each Clipsal range has excellent powerpoint options to perfectly match the switches, all at accessible pricing.



Clipsal Iconic & Iconic Essence Range.


• Iconic range is available in Vivid White, Cool Grey, Anthracite or Black

• Iconic Essence range is available in Arctic White or Ash Grey. Both feature a stunning timber frame

• All switches available in 1-6 button configurations

• Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

• Matching switches and powerpoints


Clipsal Light Switches Iconic Essence White

Clipsal Light Switch Iconic Essence White


Clipsal Saturn Zen Push-Button Switch.


• Available in White or Black

• 1-6 button configuration options

• Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

• Tactile, stylish, modern and minimal


Clipsal Light Switches Saturn Zen in White

Clipsal Light Switches Saturn Zen in Black


Clipsal Saturn Zen eDLT Switch

• Multifunctional keypad pushing the boundaries of the standard light switch

• Integrated multicolour LED and proximity sensor. When approaching the eDLT, its backlit screen subtly lights up. It then times out to a time/date screensaver before entering standby mode

• Labels on the screen make it very user-friendly

• Program multiple pages of lighting, blinds, climate or music on one eDLT switch. Compact switch, vast control

• Available in White or Black


Clipsal Light Switch Saturn Zen EDLT in Black

Clipsal Light Switches Saturn Zen EDLT in Black

Clipsal Light Switch Saturn Zen EDLT in white

Clipsal Light Switch Saturn Zen EDLT in white



The Clipsal Light Switches are perfect for the Australian home. A favourite country-wide. Trusted for decades. Would you choose from the Iconic, Iconic Essence or Saturn Zen range for your home? If you’d like to see more, visit our Smart Switches page to take a closer look at Clipsal Switches. Then book a free showroom consult to interact with the Clipsal products in real time.

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