Ekinex Light Switches | User-Friendly Yet Highly Luxurious

Selecting switches for your home is one of the most important electrical decisions. Placed throughout every room, the switches are what you’ll interact with most. With a Ryelec smart home, you’ll have access to some of the finest switch choices from around the world. Powerful smart switches that go far beyond the standard light switch you may be used to. Each of our trusted switch brands have a variety of finishes and designs to choose from so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect smart switches to match the beautiful aesthetic of your dream home.

Ryelec smart homes bring all the technology into one control system so we can place stylish, luxurious touchpanels in key areas and keep the switches around the home refined and artistic. The touchpanels allow for detailed control of the entire home so that the switches can just focus on quick and convenient control.

Our go-to brands for switches include BasalteEkinexZETR and Clipsal.

Here we’ll explore the best of Ekinex light switches and demonstrate why they’re one of our favourite switch options. 



World-class switches. Designed and manufactured in Italy.

Strong, industrial, classic designs. Luxurious finishes. Tactile and responsive. Diverse, expansive control packed into small switches.

Many stylish configuration and colour options to choose from.

Ekinex Smart Light Switch


As user-friendly as it can get. Personalised, powerful.


Ekinex Light Switches for smart home

With Ekinex’s diverse product range, you’ll certainly find a colour and configuration combination that belongs in your dream home.


Ekinex Light Switches for best smart home

Ekinex have a beautiful variety of light switch colours, features and configurations.


Ekinex Light Switches Colour choices



Amongst Ekinex’s beautiful selection of light switch options, our favourites are the 20Venti Series and Signum Switches.


When combined in a home, these Ekinex switches embody the user-friendliness that all smart homes should strive to achieve. Signum’s small screen is packed with capabilities. 20Venti is labelled and backlit for clarity. A great solution for homes with high turnover of guests. Highly tailored to you with customisable text and symbols. Each detail is personalised and each luxurious material and configuration choice is up to you.



Ekinex Signum Switch.


• Small screen but vast capabilities

• Control lighting, shades, climate and music all from one tidy switch. Stripped back design leaving only the essential buttons.

• Highly user-friendly. Gentle swipes for navigation

• Tactile screen with elegant designs and soft colouring

• Many beautiful, luxurious finish options

• Surface or deep mounted

Ekinex Light Switch in Brass for Smart Home


Ekinex Signum Light Switch for Smart Home

Ekinex Signum Light Switches for Smart Home



Ekinex 20Venti Switch.

• Highly user-friendly

• Customisable text and symbols

• RGB backlit

• Available in 4 or 8 button

• 4 Buttons can be on left or right

• Many colour options.
Choose plate and button colour

• Surface or deep mounted



Ekinex 20Venti Light Switch with button labels

Ekinex 20venti light switch

Ekinex 20venti light switch in bathroom




The Ekinex light switches are some of the most luxurious and user-friendly switches worldwide. Would you choose Aluminium, Nickel, Titanium, Carbon, Brass, White or Intense Black for your home? Or mix and match throughout? If you’d like to see more, visit our Smart Switches page to take a closer look at Ekinex Switches. Then book a free showroom consult to interact with the Ekinex products in real time.

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