Simple Home Automations to Simplify Living

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding moments of tranquility and relaxation within our homes can be a challenge. However, with the advancements in smart home automation technology, achieving a serene and soothing environment is more attainable than ever before. Home Automation has the power to simplify living. Imagine walking through your home and the communal lighting gently adjusts to guide your way, curtains gracefully glide open or close at your command, and every element seamlessly works together to create an ambiance of calmness and comfort. This is the promise of smart home automation. Let’s explore how automation can simplify living…


Simplify Living with Enhanced Lighting Control

Smart building automation began with lighting control and has evolved as our homes have outgrown the traditional light switch. Often there is simply too much going on in a room these days to only rely on your standard 4-gang light switch. Especially in spaces with high turnover of guests with lots of electrical components, traditional switches can be quite non user-friendly. Now we have switches that are labelled and have multiple page capabilities, or even switches with screens that are still the size of traditional light switches. You can view all the incredible smart switch options we offer here.

As we’ve added more electrical comforts to our homes over the years, lighting control has stayed at the core of a smart home with effortless living. Smart homes change the relationship between light and switch by bringing it all together to control as one. While you will still have individual control of lights, we program our smart homes with Bright, Soft & Off scenes on the switches so that switch presses adjust all the lights in the area as one. This adds to the overall essence of relaxation as rooms are lit up how the architects envisioned ~ intertwined and harmonising. The Soft scene only turns on lights that add to the ambience of a room, to a calming level. As well as this, we program our smart homes so all the lights slowly ramp up or down over a period of 4 seconds, rather than the starkness of harsh brightness changes. In common areas like stairways and hallways, we strategically place discrete motion sensors or pressure pads so that the lights will ramp up as you walk past to softly illuminate your path. This not only adds convenience, but also luxury and calmness to your home. Effortless lighting is one of the most beautiful elements of using automation to simplify living.


Ekinex Light Switches for best smart home and simplify living


Seamless Integration and Reliable Technology

Smart home automation goes beyond just lighting control. With integrated systems, you can effortlessly manage various aspects of your home environment with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. We bring all the technology in the home into one system so it is cohesive and simple to control. One button press adjusts multiple blinds and curtains at once, removing unsightly and dangerous blind cords and making your shades effortless and luxurious to control. Technology in the home is refined. Your audio-visual gear is kept in the switchboard. Your speakers are discrete or even invisible. You no longer have chaotic switches all over the home and 10 different remotes for your audio-visual, climate control and blinds – instead, you have beautiful touchpanels that can adjust the entire home and stunning switches that go far beyond the standard switch you may be used to. You have one awesome remote for each of your media areas that can control the audio-visual and also the lighting, shades and climate in the room. And of course, you have your smartphone with a modern app that can adjust the entire home, from wherever. Our world-class technology choices ensure reliability, so you can trust that your automated systems will perform flawlessly day in and day out. Our intuitive control product app designs incorporate the latest in user interface research, making them incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. Whether you’re adjusting lighting, checking security cameras, or monitoring energy use, you can do so with confidence and ease, enhancing the overall relaxation experience felt amongst your home. We invite you to explore our Control Systems page to truly demonstrate the power of automation in your home.

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Peace of Mind

Another key benefit of smart home automation is its ability to optimise energy usage, leading to a more sustainable and cost-effective living environment. Automated schedules ensure that energy-intensive systems such as pumps, floor heating and towel rails operate only when needed, reducing unnecessary power consumption and minimising utility bills, as well as giving you peace-of-mind knowing nothing has been left on. And if you are ever worried you have left something on, a door unlocked or the garage door up – simply check from your phone wherever you are. This the greatest peace-of-mind that comes with automated living – the ability to know your home is safe, even when you’re not there. Our smart homes use advanced alarms, access control and security measures to keep your home as safe as possible, with programmed Panic modes should you ever be in trouble and need to alert authorities and attract attention to the home with flashing lights and alarms. We also use high quality CCTV cameras with reviewable footage so you can monitor your home from your touchpanels or phone. A safe home is a relaxing home so we use technology to enhance both safety and relaxation.

Empowering Sustainability

We are providers of the highest quality solar and battery installs with EV chargers and energy monitoring. We encourage everyone to add solar panels to their home. When combined with a battery, it allows us to incorporate energy monitoring into the smart home system so you can monitor your energy production and use. Smart home automation combined with renewable energy sources is how you achieve energy independence in your home. By synchronising solar production with power usage patterns, automated systems can prioritise the use of solar energy within the home, further reducing reliance on traditional grid power and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. This seamless coordination of energy resources not only benefits the environment but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your home is operating in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner possible and your power bills will be as low as possible.


Simplify Living Outdoors

Smart home automation extends beyond the confines of your home to encompass outdoor spaces as well. Imagine never having to worry about watering your garden or maintaining your pool again. With automated irrigation systems, your garden receives the care it needs, with the added intelligence of a weather station to prevent unnecessary watering during rainy periods, thereby promoting sustainability. Additionally, pool maintenance is simplified with automated pumps, cleaners, and heaters that operate at optimal times, ensuring crystal-clear water and comfortable swimming conditions without the hassle of manual intervention. Outdoor lighting is another great way to use schedules by programming certain lighting to power on to ambient mode at sunset and automatically turning off late at night, promoting energy efficiency, safety and peace of mind. You can create whatever automated schedules you like. Smart home automation gives you so much more control over your home to really personalise it to what suits you and your family.


Smart home automation offers more than just convenience, it has the power to transform your living spaces into a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquility. Our smart homes offer unparalleled comfort and convenience, allowing you to truly unwind and enjoy the simple things in life. Embrace the future of living, where luxury meets sustainability, and relaxation is just a button press away.


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