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We understand that interface designing for home automation systems is always time consuming, sometimes frustrating and never straightforward. The design side of programming a system adds hours onto a job, taking you away from the bigger tasks involved with creating an amazing automation package for customer and causing unnecessary loss of income while you’re in front of the computer.

Anything But Simple was created to make your job as easy as possible – carefully thought out backgrounds, shapes and icons to make sure that you always have all the aspects necessary to create something beautiful, simply, so you can back to what you know best. All you have to do is load the project and a seamless, stylish interface is at your fingertips.

This template package is one that will match most homes with its neutral, calm tones. It is modern in its design, sleek in its features and creates projects that match the impressiveness of the capabilities of automation. Your customers will be happy to have your work displayed on their walls.


  • 50 background images optimised for landscape iPad use. These backgrounds can also be used as smaller feature images
  • 2 transparent backgrounds perfect for use on pop up widgets
  • 10 rectangles in pastel colours which are fully scalable, can be stretched or shrunk to fit any space
  • 6 rounded rectangles with shadow
  • 10 shadow squares
  • 6 shadow circles
  • Temperature control, TV remote and example floor plan images
  • 4 free commercially licensed custom sleek, modern fonts.
  • Over 230 custom PNG format icons in simple, clean, coordinating colours.
  • Custom CSS to change the colour of the menu bar
  • Handy design tips for when working on automation interfaces
  • Ongoing support available with Ryelec

Custom Icon Design

Ryelec have created over 230 custom PNG format icons in simple, clean, coordinating colours. Ranging from room icons, to scenes to various lighting icons, we’ve designed them to be realistic, to stand out and to be obvious in what they are depicting. You’ll find these icons to look great on any future project, so you never have to use icons that don’t match your customer’s home again. We’ve aimed to cover all bases, but if there’s any icons that you find yourself wishing you have, we’d be happy to create extras for you!

Sample Project

We have built into the Anything but Simple automation template a sample project with several different pages and layouts to help you get your next automation project completed quicker. You can simply copy what has already been created from our sample, and customise it to match any automaton project that you’re working on.

Floor Plan Design

We base our home pages around the use of a floor plan. This is a great way to personalise the interface so the customer feels as though it is really their home’s system. It is also a very simple method for them to navigate through their system: they just click on the room they want to control and it’s all there for them. If you like the look of our floor plan, we are happy to convert your customer’s 2D floor plans to our simple, stylish 3D floor plans for an added cost.

Custom Fonts

Included in this package is 4 custom fonts. These are fonts that we found and loved, which are licensed for commercial use. Custom fonts can completely change the look of interfaces, taking them from outdated technology to modern and innovative. These fonts are ones that match the sample project provided with crisp lines and beautiful curves to make your project stand out from the rest.

Important Information

Hardware Requirements

Users must purchase their own Clipsal C-bus 5500SHAC or 5500NAC and use the web-based software as per Clipsal instructions.

Product Delivery

This template comes as a compressed file, so to work with it, extract the downloaded file, read the instruction document, and then using the Clipsal Configurator, navigate to Utilities > Restore and select the Anything But Simple gz file from the location it is saved to on your computer.

Product Licensing

This Ryelec template can be used on an unlimited amount of your own projects but under no circumstances can you share the file with anyone else who has not purchased the template from the Ryelec website.

Anything but Simple, an automation template designed and developed by Schneider Electric certified personnel and a Light and Room Control EcoXpert partner.

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