Custom Floor Plan Conversion

The personalised touch to your automation projects


Why floor plans?

Custom floor plans for a home or venue make navigating an automation system so much easier, as you can just place the floor plans onto a background and then insert page links over the top of each room or zone, so the user can just tap on an area and they are taken to that area's control page, rather than trying to search through a long list of names to find the area they're looking for.

Plus, they add a personalised touch to an interface so that the customer feels like the system is really designed perfectly for their home, as too often, apps can feel generic and repeated.

Our floor plans are minimalist, clean, simplistic, yet realistic and accurate. They are perfectly sized to suit your automation program's devices, they are delivered on a transparent background in the right file format, ready to be placed directly onto a page, and they are converted fast with a maximum two week turnover.


3D Floor Plan From Above

Residential Examples

Commercial Examples

Using floor plans on your automation interfaces also means that you can display indicators over the top of the plans so the user can quickly look at the floor plan and see where something is switched on in the home or venue.

Commercial Automation Smart Venue Control
Home Automation Interface
Home Automation Interface
Commercial Venue Automation Interface

Important Information

Purchase of ONE custom floor plan from the Ryelec website is equivalent to ONE floor/level/storey 3D converted plan. Please purchase the correct quantity of floor plans for your home/building. For a 3 storey home, that means purchasing a total of 3 floor plan products from this website.

All we require for floor plan conversions is: the site's building plans or 2D outline of the building, in any standard file format; and some notes about the site to help us make the plans as accurate as possible.

Once your purchase is complete, you will have access to a 'Custom Floor Plan' download document. In this document are instructions on how to send us your plans and also what notes to include. Once you have sent us your plans, we will begin the 3D conversion and usually have your plans finalised back to you within a week.

So, if you like the look of our minimalist floor plans, simply purchase as many levels or floors as you require and then follow the instructions in your downloaded document.

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