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So you're pretty experienced when it comes to creating automation projects? Just need icons? Great! We've got the icons, and we'll leave the rest to you. 

Have you checked out our Dusk Interface Package? You know the one with the full home automation sample project with pages, widgets, scenes, schedules, scripting, coding, backgrounds, 2 icon packs and more? Well, meet Dusk's little brother.
Sometimes all it takes to make your interfaces amaze your customer is the use of some beautiful icons. So we've given you the option to just buy the icon pack.


  • A massive amount of custom icons, 281 to be exact! 
  • Each icon comes as a couple – they all have a matching icon with a subtle orange glow over the top which is great for representing that the object is in the ‘On’ state
  • A variety of room icons from bedroom to lounge to rumpus
  • Number icons from 0 - 9 for use on remotes and home security
  • Audiovisual control icons including music, entertain, television, DVD, Netflix, Foxtel, AppleTV + more
  • Air-conditioning control icons 
  • Blind, curtain and fan control with animated rotating fan gif
  • Security, gate and garage door control 
  • Icons for Scenes- welcome home, goodnight, goodbye and more!
  • Several lighting control icons. From Toggles that look like real light switches, to Sliders with 21 components to make the icon dim as you control the light
  • Button 'Pressed' and 'Released' that looks like it's ingrained into the page. 
  • Several different coloured glowing indicators that are perfect for showing which lights are turned on (& instructions on how to use them)
  • So. many. more. We could do 281 dot points really. 
  • + ongoing support available with Ryelec. We can answer any question you have or create any icon you need, fast.
  • Extensive document detailing how to use the icons and handy design tips 

Custom Icons

Included in this Icon Pack is 281 custom icons. Ranging from room icons, to scenes, to various lighting icons, we’ve designed them to be realistic, to stand out and to be obvious in what they are depicting. Shadow and blending work has been used to really make the icons look like they are embedded into the screen. You'll find these icons to look great on any future project, so you never have to use icons that don’t match your customer’s home again. And whilst these icons were originally created to be used with the Clipsal C-Bus Network & Shared Network Automation Controllers, they really can be used for whatever you like! This icon pack is designed for those spaces that are darker toned – the industrial style ones, the ones with black accents, the textured walls, the sleek homes, the spaces that have a definite mood. These icons are modern, silky and strong and will amaze any customer. 

If you start off with this icon pack and find yourself wishing you had the full Dusk Template, then we'd be happy to upgrade your purchase to the full package for the price of the Dusk Template minus the cost of the icon pack. 

Take a look below at the Dusk icons in action!

Important Information

Product Delivery

This icon pack comes as a compressed file, so to work with it, extract the downloaded file and then read the user manual document for instructions on loading it into the Clipsal Configurator.

Product Licensing

This Ryelec icon pack can be used on an unlimited amount of your own projects but under no circumstances can you share the file with anyone else who has not purchased the pack from the Ryelec website.

Dusk, an Automation Template Package designed and developed by Schneider Electric certified personnel and Light & Room Control EcoXpert partner.

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