C-BUS Shac & NAC Interface


Dusk ~ the package for darker homes

This interface package belongs on the walls of beautiful, architectural, industrial-style homes with dark walls, luxurious materials, and rich textures. Dusk looks most at home surrounded by dark timbers ~ stone ~ terrazzo ~ steel, and other bold, rough elements. Dusk uses spashes of electric colours amongst its pages to draw in the viewer's eye and make them feel like they are controlling their futuristic, cutting-edge, technologically advanced home. Dusk will make your job simple - a sample project already completed for you with a beautiful interface that matches the impressiveness of the technology you are programming. Dusk takes the hard work out of creating a project from scratch, giving you a finished project that will cut down many hours of work and many frustrating moments that would otherwise occur if you were to try to use the Clipsal Configurator or find graphic components without one of our packages.

Dashboard Homepage
Home Automation Icons


We at Ryelec use our own interface packages on every job and we truly believe that they save countless hours of design and preprogramming time. A one-off purchase of Dusk gets you unlimited downloads of a folder containing the Dusk sample project, icon pack and a detailed instruction manual on working with the package and the Configurator in general. Not only will you massively reduce time spent in the office, you'll add immense value to the quality of the automation systems you are providing your customers with modern, innovative, unique, intuitive and personalised interfaces. Dusk is a complete sample project based on a relatively large home automation project with pages for the majority of the elements that can be tied into a Clipsal C-Bus system ~ lights, blinds, climate, pool, security, irrigation, watch and more. You won't need to spend hours figuring out how to design your pages - almost everything is done for you. Pre-loaded pages, icons, widgets, backgrounds, scenes, schedules, scripting, CSS coding and more. You just simply customise it, include what you need to suit your job and you're finished!

Floor Plan Navigation Home Automation
Smart Theatre Control

Sample Pages

No two automation projects will be the exact same. So, for Dusk we've tried to create interface pages that are easy to customise to suit your job. This is why we've included two different navigational setups. One for when you have a floor plan of the home with indicators, and another for when you don't. They both link to Control pages per zone that have all the controllable options for that room on the one page: lighting, fans, heated towel rails, floor heat, air-conditioning, blinds, projectors - whatever you need. Dusk also includes overall control pages for all climate control and blinds, as well as pool control, security page, irrigation system and AV control alongside schedules, data trends and weather forecast.

Master Bedroom Automation


The icons are the most important aspect of an automation system. They do the controlling. But our Dusk icons go far beyond simple on and off buttons, the Dusk icons are interesting for the viewer to look at - some float above the pages using shadow work whilst others look like they're embellished into the pages. Our Dusk icons are created from scratch by our graphic designer, they are exclusive to Ryelec, completely unique and will create an interface that your customer has never seen before. Over 400 icons are included in Dusk, ranging from room icons, to scenes, to lighting control, climate control, security, AV, the list goes on, almost all with a corresponding 'On' State icon - we've tried to include every icon that you would ever need for a home automation system, but we're always happy to add to our collection at no cost if you need more icons as it means we can offer an even better selection to others!

Smart Security System

Backgrounds & Images

Without one of our packages, it can be difficult to find high quality background options suited to the right size, in high resolution and with the designs that you need, and then you have to add them all into the editor. Dusk offers you 50 backgrounds to use for your projects, as well as a massive selection of images and shapes in varying sizes to use to highlight certain things on pages, as menu bars, as lines or as background design elements, totaling 130 backgrounds and images to help you create beautiful interface pages. 

Smart AC Control
Home Automation Interface
Outdoor lighting automation
Smart Blinds Control
Smart Pool Control
Smart AV Control
Lighting Control
Smart Irrigation
Home Automation Interface
Master Bedroom Lighting Automation


This package comes as a compressed folder download. In this folder is:

  • Extensive document detailing how to work with the Clipsal Configurator. This provides a massive amount of information on how to get the most out of a SHAC or NAC.
  • 15 pages of information where every single sentence will teach you something about designing and automating.
  • Dusk Icon Pack with 410 icons. All useful. This is also pre-loaded into the Sample Project.
  • A complete C-Bus 5500SHAC & 5500NAC sample project.

Pre-loaded into the project is:

  • 1 complete sample home automation project to demonstrate what is possible
  • One navigation setup uses a floor plan and lighting indicators to link to Control pages for individual rooms
  • The other navigation is based off a Control page with room icons. These room icons are scripted to Glow when something in that room is on, and display the On Value state too. 
  • Dashboard homepage with an instant overview of the home and quick links for fast control
  • 20 sample pages with functioning navigation and objects
  • 130 backgrounds and images in a variety of colours which are the foundation of beautiful pages
  • Buildable shapes with shadow work to make them pop out from the page
  • Custom CSS coding to change the default Clipsal purple colouring
  • Custom CSS coding to change the design of the Clipsal default slider
  • Custom CSS coding for layering options
  • Widgets that act as pop-ups for Schedules, Cameras, Weather Forecast and Data Trends
  • Glowing indicators that are perfect for showing which lights are turned on
  • Scripting and scenes that can be tailored to your project
  • Date and Time script
  • Extensive object list to demonstrate best practice for programming
  • Project optimised for both Tablet & Smartphone. Set in screen size for the latest version of the iPad. Touchscreen backgrounds also included
  • Ongoing support available with Ryelec. We can answer any question you have or create any icon you need, fast.
  • *Please note this project is mainly for Visualisation purposes thus minimal programming is included

Important Information

Hardware Requirements

Users must purchase their own Clipsal C-bus 5500SHAC or 5500NAC and use the web-based software as per Clipsal instructions.

Product Delivery

This template comes as a compressed file, so to work with it, extract the downloaded file, read the instruction document, and then using the Clipsal Configurator, navigate to Utilities > Restore and select the 'DUSKSample Project' file from the location it is saved to on your computer.

Product Licensing

This Ryelec template can be used on an unlimited amount of your own projects but under no circumstances can you share the file with anyone else who has not purchased the template from the Ryelec website.

Dusk, an Automation Template Package designed and developed by Schneider Electric certified personnel and Light & Room Control EcoXpert partner.

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