Abode ~ our latest GUI package

21 May, 2020

Project Details

In early 2019, we launched our very first Clipsal SHAC & NAC Interface Package, Anything But Simple. We decided to create an interface package because we had built up an extensive collection of icons and backgrounds over time from our in-house graphic designer creating them for our own jobs. We realised that not every automator out there working with the Clipsal product was able to have a designer on their team and that the process of working with the SHAC or NAC can be a little daunting if you don’t have any previous design experience. So we wanted to help!

Our designer decided on an interface style, got to work, created hundreds of icons from scratch and put them into a sample project with a short manual giving a bit more information about working with the configurator.

It was useful to lots of automators out there and created some lovely interfaces. But over time, we began to look at Anything But Simple with critical eyes, knowing that we could create something so much better, and we wanted to provide that to our loyal customers who had already bought from us, rather than just putting out a whole new separate package. Plus, we really loved the icons of Anything But Simple so we wanted to upgrade them a little and re-purpose them!

We’re just a small company and we’re still learning absolutely everything the Clipsal SHAC can do, and so we hope our packages can get better and better with time too. Which we’re confident is what has happened with this interface package upgrade. But you decide for yourself, get to know our Abode better below.

Smart Home Dashboard UIX

The image above is our Abode Dashboard homepage with quick links to control key features in the house that you don’t want the user to have to tap around too much to find. It has the homes Scenes there which we now find much more convenient than creating a separate Scenes page. It also has a small amount of security control and climate control, which have their own separate page that goes into more in-depth control as well. The date and time is displayed in a ultra-modern may on the home page, using a script that is included in the package. Plus we also have widget popups for Schedules and Weather forecast. 

Abode’s dashboard homepage creates ultimate convenience for the user but also gives off that high-end, tech interface feeling with the small splashes of almost fluorescent colours in oranges, greens and blues. 

Now, look closer at the icons on the dashboard home page and notice the white square shape ones such as the Gate and the Garage icon. These icons are from our old Anything But Simple package. We have updated and upgraded them to SVG format and also created a large amount of new icons for ones that we felt needed replacement, or any that ABS was lacking. We are really happy that we were able to re-purpose these icons and just add a few more brighter, shiny options to convert the outdated ABS to the new Abode. 

Now that you’ve seen a bit of Abode, take a look at the old package Anything But Simple below and you’ll quickly realise why we felt we had to upgrade it!

Now scrap that old interface from your mind like we have, and get more comfortable with the gorgeous new package that is Abode.

Abode Home Automation Icons

Abode Features

Abode comes as a compressed folder download. In this folder is:

  • 15-page document detailing how to work with the Clipsal Configurator. This provides a massive amount of information on how to get the most out of a SHAC or NAC, every single sentence will teach you something about designing and automating.
  • Abode Icon Pack with 325 SVG icons. All useful. This is also pre-loaded into the Sample Project. Abode Icon pack also in PNG format for use on Clipsal touchscreens
  • A complete C-Bus 5500SHAC & 5500NAC sample project.

Pre-loaded into the project is:

  • A complete sample home automation project to demonstrate what is possible
  • One navigation setup uses a floor plan and lighting indicators to link to Control pages for individual rooms
  • The other navigation is based off a Control page with room icons. These room icons are scripted to Glow when something in that room is on, and display the On Value state too. 
  • Dashboard homepage with an instant overview of the home and quick links for fast control
  • 20 sample pages with functioning navigation and objects
  • 110 backgrounds and images in a variety of colours which are the foundation of beautiful pages
  • Buildable shapes with shadow work to make them pop out from the page
  • Custom CSS coding to change the default Clipsal purple colouring
  • Custom CSS coding to change the design of the Clipsal default slider
  • Widgets that act as pop-ups with transparent backgrounds for Schedules, Cameras, Weather Forecast and Data Trends
  • Glowing indicators that are perfect for showing which lights are turned on
  • Scripting and scenes that can be tailored to your project
  • Date and Time script
  • Extensive object list to demonstrate best practice for programming
  • Project optimised for both Tablet & Smartphone. Set in screen size for the latest version of the iPad. Touchscreen backgrounds also included
  • Ongoing support available with Ryelec. We can answer any question you have or create any icon you need, fast.
  • *Please note this project is mainly for Visualisation purposes thus minimal programming is included