RESTAURANT | Castle Hill

22 Oct, 2019

Project Details

Doesn’t matter if the project is huge or tiny, we love transforming the way a commercial space operates with the use of automation! This modern, stylish restaurant in Castle Hill made the smart decision to call us in to automate their business operations – adding all their lights onto a Clipsal SHAC. This not only means that they can control all their lights within seconds from their smart devices, but it also allowed us to set up ‘Scenes’ and ‘Schedules’ which are time-based so the light levels and areas will adjust accordingly based on the hour of the day. 

Since this was a relatively small project, we kept the interface simple, utilising area icons rather than our usual floor plan design. We also used widgets rather than pages so that when the staff tap an area icon, a small widget with that area’s lights pop ups, rather than completely redirecting them to another page. This works well design wise since each area doesn’t have enough lights to fill a whole page which would leave a lot of blank space, and it also minimises a lot of tapping back and forth for the user. 

Whilst this customer has initially only chosen to automate the lights, the beauty of Clipsal 5500SHAC’s is that, if they so desire, they can add other features further down the track such as blinds and climate control. And we can easily modify their interface for them to add those features in, all from our office remotely! 

Check out some photos of the beautiful restaurant below and judge whether you think our interface matches the space 🙂 


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