Clipsal Interface Template

12 Dec, 2018

Project Details

This is one of Ryelec’s most exciting projects .. we’re launching our very own Clipsal C-bus Interface Templates! After creating several projects with Clipsal’s 5500SHAC and 5500NACs, we have a pretty good idea on how best to program and design with them. But we’ve gotten feedback from other electricians who have found this software amazing for automating, but a little hard to design with, simply because they don’t come with many tools to create shapes, backgrounds, lines etc. Our in-house graphic designer works with Photoshop to create all our icons and backgrounds, and so we thought we’d love to be able to help electricians in the design process by offering some templates up for sale! 

Anything But Simple is our first template to become available, and should be launching in December 2018. It will feature over 100 custom designed icons, 50+ backgrounds and shapes, custom fonts, custom CSS plus lots of design tips on using the clipsal software. But the most helpful component, we hope, is an example project preloaded onto the software which demonstrates where to place shapes, how to use transparent shapes to build widgets and indicators, page layouts, and all the other stuff that helps to make an amazing automation project! More information will be available on the product page when they become available, but check out a sneak peek at the template in action below.


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