24 Oct, 2019

Project Details

We see a lot of stunning homes in our work, but this was one of the most beautiful we’ve worked on – and one of the things Ryelec prides itself on is creating interfaces fit to blend in with their surroundings. Light, neutral colours with warm whites and lots of timber was the founding inspiration behind this custom interface design and if you take a look at the photo below you’ll see how we used the home almost as a moodboard for our graphic design!

3 different levels of this home were visualised into simple, clean, crisp floor plans which allow the customer to just tap on the area they wish to control, rather than searching through a list of icons for each different area. A soft glow over a room indicates that something is powered on in that room, allowing the user to quickly glimpse at the iPad and see what’s going on. Indoor & outdoor lighting, blinds, aircon, floor heat and access control were all integrated into this home automation system, saving the customer money by ensuring nothing unnecessary was ever left on, and also giving them peace of mind knowing that they could always control the security of their home, no matter where they were. This particular job included a fun feature where the garage LED lights would turn on row by row as the owner drove further into the garage, and vice versa as they left. Personalised ‘Scenes’ and ‘Schedules’ suited to the customer topped off this awesome project, meaning that the electrical setup of this home now matches the ultra-modern feel of this property. 


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