24 Oct, 2019

Project Details

A lot of the time our automation projects are begun on homes that are in the early stages of construction and so it can sometimes be difficult to design an interface to match the home when the home doesn’t really exist yet! We work with architects or owners when we can to get an idea of what the home will look like once its completed, but this project was one of those jobs where all we had to go off was the semi-finished shell of the home. If you take a look at the photos below, you’ll see how the home looked as we were designing our interface, and hopefully you can understand how we used all we had as inspiration. Lots of sharp angles, bright whites, mixed with timber textures and a blue exterior made up the coastal vibe of this home, and so we incorporated those into our graphic design.¬†

To create this home automation system we enlisted the help of a Clipsal SHAC since this customer primarily decided to add home automation just to control their lighting and put certain lighting areas onto time-based schedules. Alongside the lighting we also supplied and installed a multi-room Sonos sound system, incorporating an awesome surround sound system in their lounge/cinema room. Sonos is one of the leading¬†wireless home sound systems on the market; it has amazing, advanced capabilities in creating a whole-house sound system. Multiple family members can control different zones of audio throughout the house, or you can group rooms to fill your whole home with brilliant, crystal-clear sound, and it’s all controlled through your home’s wireless network from your smart devices! Best of all, answering a phone call or playing a video on your phone doesn’t disrupt the Sonos speakers from playing music. And, it’s all automatable so you can incorporate it onto your home automation interfaces! Custom ‘Scenes’ and ‘Schedules’ suited to the customer put the finishing touches on this personalised home automation system, alongside the home’s floor plan visualised with glow indicators to quickly show which areas have lights turned on.¬†


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