23 Oct, 2019

Project Details

In collaboration with Future Flip, we created a home automation system for the director of the company’s home so that the owner could gain an understanding of home automation before he offered it to his customers in their newly built homes. We went with RTI for this particular automation system, since RTI allows a very broad amount of programmable features. Alongside the usual lights and blinds, we also added in AV + Aircon. This means that the family can control the TVs and their audio system all from their smart devices. We also integrated some custom ‘Scenes’ and ‘Schedules’ into the system. 

We went with a bit of a different design with this interface since the system was relatively small and only controlled 3 areas of the home. In this case, it would’ve meant a lot of blank space and unnecessary page navigation if we created individual pages for each area; so, instead we designed the interface so you tap an area button on the left of the home page, and the room options for the selected area appear on the right. For example, if you tap ‘Master Bedroom’ options for lights, blinds, listen, watch, aircon and scenes will pop up. But, if you tap ‘Pool Room’, only options for lights, blinds, aircon and scenes appear, since there is no AV in that area. Then the user just simply taps what they wish to control and they will be taken to the corresponding page. This made for a very user-friendly interface with minimal navigation – so simple even their kids can use it!


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