Dolan’s Bay

30 Mar, 2020

Project Details

We recently released our third Clipsal automation GUI Package and so we’ve been using it for every project we can, when the home style suits. This home in Dolan’s Bay already had an existing older style touch panel and alarm system, however they blew up in a storm, so Ryelec was called in to create a new system, this time integrating in a Ness Corporation Alarm Panel. A cool feature of this project is that the existing security motion sensors, which usually only detect intruders, are also being used as lighting sensors to trigger lighting.

For a home this size, we would usually try to use floor plans for navigation as we find them to be easier than the client having to scan through a list of rooms to find the one they want. However, this home has a bit of an unusual layout with multiple levels that aren’t on top of one another, and a relatively small amount of rooms per level. So, we decided to just create one lighting page per level, separating the rooms into rows.

Our Quartz icons work great for this ultra-modern, minimalist interface, adding splashes of colour to an otherwise simplistic design. Separating the lighting into rows and then columns really simplifies navigation and control for the end-user, making it very distinct which room a light belongs to and what control over the light there is – you can see which lights are dimmable in the image above by noticing which light has a slider next to it. Also in the image above, you may notice that the room icons in the first column are all subtly glowing; this is because we have scripted the room icon to turn on if anything in its room is switched on, this way the user can just quickly glance at the page and see if anything is functioning.

A relatively simple home automation system, with a relatively simple design and layout. But simple doesn’t have to be boring. This interface will blend beautifully with the home and means that the family has easy, stylish, control of their lighting and alarm system in their home from any of their smart devices.
You can have a good look at the various pages below and also see a ‘click-through’ video of the whole project!


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