East Hills Hotel – Phase 2

6 Jul, 2020

Project Details

Last year, we began work at East Hills Hotel to simplify their business practices and utilise automation to make their venue as comfortable as possible for guests.  You can read about our first phase of work at EHH here ~ Before automation, controlling the venue was cluttered and confusing for staff, with many light switches and separate AC thermostats. We helped bring their venue into the future, tying all their lighting and climate control into a Clipsal C-Bus System with a 5500SHAC and custom interface. Now, we’ve continued works at the venue to tie in some additional features such as smart CCTV as well as further climate and lighting control.

We updated their custom user interface to make using the system even easier and to add in the new additions. This project was completed using a combination of our Quartz and Abode icons on darker backgrounds with Dusk features.  We love using a darker style GUI for commercial venues like pubs as we find they match most spaces and create a really beautiful, high-end, sophisticated, technical interface. 

Commercial Automation Venue Control

This system will really prove its worth through its automatic capabilities. Based on pre-set (adjustable) and pre-tested conditions, the system reads the current climate measurements in an area and checks motion sensors for movement, and then automatically adjusts the heaters, misting fan system or AC to keep the climate at the most comfortable level for guests at all times.

We have also created custom time-based schedules that adjust certain lights in certain areas depending on business practices for the venue. And, we’ve added custom scenes so with one tap of a button, the entire venue is controlled: examples include the Day, Early Evening & Late Evening Trading scenes that modify lighting levels to suit the time of day, as well as the Goodbye scene that shuts down the entire venue for close of business, leaving a safe exit of lights for staff to leave the building before slowly dimming to off. 

Our custom interface uses a venue floor plan so staff can quickly look at the iPad and see where lights are switched on, what climate control is operating and what the temperature of each area is. Then, users can either follow the menu bar on the left or tap on an area of the floor plan, and be taken to an individual control page for each area. These individual area pages feature the lights, heaters, AC and misting system for each area, allowing quick control of a zone all from one page. We also created an AC page and a Heaters page so all aircon and heaters can be seen and controlled from one page if staff require. A ‘Trends’ page allows staff to see visual representations of temperature fluctuations in an area, and an ‘Information’ page lays out all the pre-set conditions that dictate the control of the system, finishing off an awesome GUI that controls an impressive, useful and convenient system all custom-built for this venue. Commercial Automation is game-changing.

You can view screenshots of our interface in the slider below!   

Arguably the coolest feature of this system is the custom RGB strip lighting control. This venue has several RGB strip lights around the pub and our interface allows them to tap the RGB icon and pop up a colour picker, or adjust the Red, Green, Blue or White slider and mix their own custom colour. Most impressively however, the main bar of the venue features groups of RGB strip lighting along the bar counters, and this venue is known to show NRL games with passionate supporters present. So, we added a feature to this project where staff can click into the ‘NRL Widget’, select which teams are playing, tap start, and the strip lighting around the bars will alternate between each team’s colours for the duration of the game. Cool, hey? Check it out below.    

NRL Colour Lighting for Venue