East Hills Hotel

22 Oct, 2019

Project Details

We’ve stepped up the automation capabilities for this one! Creating the perfect climate in indoor/outdoor settings is difficult – you’re battling the natural elements. But it’s super important that venues achieve a comfortable climate for guests, to boost revenue and to keep customers coming back – nothing makes you leave a venue faster than sitting in the freezing cold! Working alongside CoolZone and Scott Kerr Electrical, we’ve created an advanced automation system for East Hills Hotel which works to always ensure the perfect climate within the venue using heaters, misting fans and AC. And, of course, we also added their lights to the system. The system is designed to work with minimal staff involvement by utilising time-based and sensor-based technologies. For example, if a sensor picks up movement in an area, the system will take a reading of the climate in that area and if it deems it to be too warm, the misting fans will start up – either in fan mode or mist and fan mode. If it deems it to be too cold, the system will turn the heaters on or up. And if the heaters aren’t cutting it to warm the area up enough, the AC will then turn to Heat Mode and act as a booster for the heaters. We do this because misting fans and heaters use much less power than AC, therefore we’re saving resources and money by only using it when necessary. We’ve also included a ‘Trends’ page on the interface so staff can see a visual graph representation of how the system has been working and how the temperature has adjusted. 

If you take a look at the photos below, you’ll see that before Ryelec, their light switches were scattered and confusing, and their AC units were all controlled individually and would’ve been difficult for staff to know exactly which unit controlled which area – especially in the hospitality sector where there is a fast turnover of staff. As such, we worked to completely simplify their operational practices. Other than the automatic features of the system mentioned above, we also simplified it by implementing a dashboard home page which displays commonly used features such as scenes and on/off features for AC, heaters and misting fans. This allows staff to quickly glimpse at the iPad and see what’s happening at the venue and also quickly control anything they wish. More in-depth pages are also included such as: the lighting page which has glow indicators to show which areas are currently lit- staff then just tap on that area to control; the AC page with small indicators for both the ON and OFF state so staff can see where the AC units are situated even if they’re turned off – pressing on the AC area icon pops up advanced control of each unit; + heaters and misting fan pages with individual control or ‘All On’ ‘All Off’ options to save time. 

A pretty advanced project that we’re really proud of! This system has greatly benefited East Hills Hotel so hopefully it can be implemented to other venues in the future. Check out the photos below to gain a greater understanding! 


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