Elizabeth Bay

23 Oct, 2019

Project Details

Turning your home into a smart home doesn’t have to be a huge project! This modern home in Elizabeth Bay wanted a home automation system to match its stunning design – so we created a relatively small system which can control the home’s lights, blinds, AC & floor heat. Most useful for the residents though is the integration of ‘Scenes’ and ‘Schedules’. Scenes such as the ‘Welcome Home’ and the ‘Goodbye’ settings means they only have to tap one button when they’re leaving the home and everything will turn off, saving them the time of going around the home and switching everything off and also giving them peace of mind that they haven’t left anything on. They can also access the system from their smart phone which means if they are away from home and they think they may have left something on, they can just quickly open their app and check. Or, if they know they’ll be home shortly and want the climate nice and warm for when they arrive, they can switch the AC on from their phone. Schedules also allow them to set time-based actions for things in the house: one schedule they decided on was the bathroom floor heat turning on at 6am and back off at 7.30am so that the floor was warm for when they are getting ready for work in the mornings. These schedules are easily edited, deleted or added to all from their iPad without Ryelec’s assistance – so if they decide they don’t need floor heat in the warmer months, they can simply turn this schedule off. 

Take a look at the beautiful space below and the interface we created to match!


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