Gymea Tradies

23 Oct, 2019

Project Details

This was a big one! If you know Tradies, then you know that these large venues endeavour to offer more than just food and drinks, extending to spas, TABs, Kids Club, study spaces, function rooms and more. Their Gymea venue in the Shire is a particularly community-focused venue, with a distinct drive to serve the comfort of their patrons, within and separately to the club. Obviously, operating a club of such a large size comes at a high cost. And so automation was an obvious and welcomed update to their Gymea venue. We were were called in to assist with adding a new, fully-automated and controllable heaters and misting fans system. 


We worked closely with Warmzone Heating who first replaced all of their out-dated gas burning heaters which only had on or off control and required a staff member to physically turn each individual heater on or off. These were replaced by new, dimmable, electric infrared heaters and then Ryelec could show off 😉 To incorporate these new heaters into a fully-functioning, automated heating and cooling system, we enlisted the help of a 5500NAC. The 25 heating zone dimmers which control the heaters could only be controlled via RF. So, to get around this, we opted to install a RS232 to RF transmitter. LUA scripting was then written to send the correct Hexadecimal addresses from the 5500NAC to the transmitter via the RS232 port which would then control each zone dimmer individually, including ‘Off’, ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ states.

To push the project further, we made it so that the heating and cooling system would adjust accordingly to the time of year: Summer or Winter. The system takes into account the temperature, the humidity levels and the occupancy of the venue, and then will set the heaters or coolers to different levels in order to achieve the absolute most comfortable environment for patrons. To achieve this, 3 third-party Modbus temperature and humidity sensors were installed and a custom .JSON file was written and imported into the 5500NAC so that we could map the parameters to C-Bus objects. Our real time temperature and humidity parameters via Modbus being tied in with 15 C-Bus occupancy sensors then allowed us to write LUA scripting per zone that would act in the following way:

If the gaming room was in operational hours and the particular zone is in automatic mode with room temperature at a certain level and the sensor in that zone has been triggered, then set the heat or misting system on to the necessary level to achieve a comfortable temperature in the room. Additionally, the misting has one final variable where if the room is too humid then the misting will not function so that they don’t drip on the machines.

Custom graphics finished off this unique project to make it stand out, compliment its environment and to make the system incredibly easy-to-use so that the high staff turnover rate doesn’t impact on the system’s ability to be controlled.


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