Kangaroo Point RTI Case Study

23 Mar, 2020

Project Details

This architecturally beautiful home in Kangaroo Point in Sydney’s south required a powerful, capable and impressive home automation system to tie-in all the programmable features of the house into one system.  The home is a technological powerhouse, complete with lighting, HVAC, and security systems, in addition to whole-home audio distribution and a variety of video sources played out on seven displays and a projector. So, to handle a project of this size, we tasked RTI with the job. And it handles it perfectly. All whilst also allowing us to create a completely customised graphical user interface. Our customer was thrilled with the result, loving the convenience that their one-touch scenes provide them. For example, the Watch Movie scene closes the blinds, dims the lights to off, turns on the projector, drops the projector screen, and turns on the AV receiver to a pre-defined volume. Whilst the Goodbye Scene turns all lighting in the home off slowly, shuts down all AV equipment and multiroom audio, turns off the AC, and arms the alarm system. 

But not only was our customer happy with the end-result, so was RTI! So much so, that they’ve selected the project to be the subject of a case study that they put together, highlighting the great features of the project that fit so well into the beautiful home. You can have a read of the case study below.


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