22 May, 2020

Project Details

We’ve programmed our fair share of jobs remotely, but this one takes that to a whole new level. The design, supply and programming of an entire automation job in Maroochydore, all done from our office here in Sydney.

  • We started with a lighting and lighting control design which was given to onsite electricians for wiring
  • We supplied and programmed all the lighting control equipment
  • We developed a custom GUI to suit the beautiful industrial-style home
  • We bench-tested it all
  • And then posted it up to Maroochydore with accompanying cabling documentation for local onsite electricians to install
Interface Mockup Stack

Many sensors have been designed into this project for areas such as bathrooms and common hallways, and these sensors control the lights differently depending on time of day and which “mode” the house is in. For example, the ensuite lights slowly ramp to 70% in the early evening, but after 11pm or if ‘Goodnight’ has been selected, the sensor then ramps up the under-cabinet LED instead for a soft night light glow.
The garage sensor also features advanced programming, set to either simply turn the garage lights on, or to also trigger the ‘Welcome Home’ scene if the house is currently set to ‘Goodbye’ – this would turn certain lights to a pre-defined level if it is after dark when you drive into the garage.

We had a lot of fun getting really technical with the programming of this one, and letting it take over our office as you can see by our bench-testing setup photos.

But the most fun came when creating the custom, one-of-a-kind user interface, perfectly designed to blend with the walls of the home that it will be displayed on. Acting like art on the wall and enhancing the home in every way – just as the entire system was designed to and what home automation is all about.

Smarthome Dashboard

This home is boldly industrial, with beautiful touches of timber and glass all throughout the home, accentuated with the use of louvres and stand-out design features like a luxury pond at the entry way, the central court garden and architectural back deck structure. So we wanted to include those stand-out features in our interface. Since we couldn’t travel to site to see the home for ourselves, we had to rely heavily on builder’s sketchers of the home, as we really wanted to make the floor plan as accurate as possible whilst still remaining uncluttered and minimalist. We opted for a dark-style interface to match the darker-toned home, but we kept it modern, bright and fresh by using our Quartz Interface Package icons whose white icon backgrounds really stand out against the charcoal greys. We also paired this back with a few star icons from our Dusk Icon Pack, mainly on the Dashboard home page. These Dusk icons added to the industrial style we were going for, contrasted beautifully with those stand out colours of Quartz ~ greens, oranges, neutrals. The Dusk Icon Pack is available separately to a full interface package, at a much cheaper price. If you like our combination of Quartz and Dusk then a Dusk Icon Pack add-on is a great option!

If you like our style floor plans and would like some created for a job you are working on, we’d love to help! You can organise to have your own custom floor plans designed via our website. Follow this link to head to the product page and purchase some custom floor plans to completely transform and upgrade your automation projects.