Newington College: Phase One

12 Dec, 2018

Project Details

This will definitely not be our last project update for Newington College as it’s a massive job that we are so excited to be a part of over the next year. Working one building at a time, we couldn’t be happier with the result of our first installment of this job. The college already had an existing C-bus automation system in place from many years ago, but time and pressure on the system meant that the software just couldn’t take the load anymore and began to crash, so we’re slowly adding a whole new system in for them, so as to not disrupt the school’s operation abilities by doing the whole project at once. 

The old system’s interface was incredibly confusing and meant that only a select few teachers actually knew how to operate it; so, we’ve completely simplified it by separating it into different buildings and creating modern, clean, simple floor plans which users just have to tap on the desired room and they have all controls at their fingertips. Other than simplifying the design side of things for them, we’re also simplifying the whole operating procedures of the C-bus system. Before, malfunctions meant that the air conditioning could not be controlled, and so it was just left on 24/7! This has been one of our major focuses to fix, saving them thousands in electricity bills. Similarly, we’ve added in new ‘Scenes’ which are activated according to how the school works at different hours, meaning that no unnecessary lights are ever left on. Indicators on the floor plan also mean that users just have to look at the different levels to see wherever lights or aircon is operating, orange dots for lights and blue highlights for aircon! 

This is just the beginning for this job, can’t wait to see the finished project! Imagine how automation could simplify your business operations.

See the before and after below ~


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