Newington College: Phase Two

23 Oct, 2019

Project Details

This has been a huge project for us which we’re almost wrapping up! A lot has happened since our first Newington College Project update (Click here to view Phase 1), and the entire school is now automated, saving them thousands of dollars in power bills by using time-based schedules as well as sensor-based lighting and climate control.┬áThe college already had an existing C-bus automation system in place from many years ago, but time and pressure on the system meant that the software just couldn’t take the load anymore and began to crash. The old system’s interface was also incredibly confusing and meant that only a select few teachers actually knew how to operate it; so, we’ve completely simplified it by separating it into different buildings and creating modern, clean, simple floor plans which users just have to tap on the desired room and they have all controls at their fingertips.

A project this size has meant that we’ve had to use individual Clipsal NAC’s for each building, meaning that each building’s system operates at a different IP address. To bring them all together, one NAC hosts a ‘Building Select’ page which you can see below. Clicking on one of the buildings on the map then links to the NAC for that building and brings up the ‘Level Select’ page for that building. We wanted a way that staff could differentiate between each building whilst also keeping a cohesive design, and if you look below you will see how we achieved that! You’ll also see a short video quickly demonstrating the old system versus the new and improved!


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