Open Hearth Hotel & Bistro

3 Jun, 2020

Project Details

Open Hearth Hotel & Bistro in Warrawong has just had a massive technical upgrade!

Working alongside Scott Kerr Electrical, we’ve helped Open Hearth solve the technical issues their pub faced, and saved their staff’s valuable time by adding the convenience that commercial automation provides.

This old pub rack had 6 zones of audio and 4 source inputs, but, not all the zones had the ability to access all 4 inputs. Every morning a staff member would have to go into the AV room and manually switch on and set up each zone, going back into the AV room every time they had a customer adjustment request throughout the day.

Our new setup still has the same audio zones and inputs, however, now every zone has the ability to access each audio source – Nightlife, Set Top Box, Microphone and Sky Racing. And, most conveniently, we’ve set up schedules throughout the day to adjust the audio zones to the right inputs and levels, so staff no longer have to worry about what the audio should be doing and instead can focus on best serving customers. And if staff do have an adjustment request from a customer, they can just grab the pub iPad and adjust levels in seconds, with a few simple taps, thanks to our custom GUI utilizing floor plan navigation. We created this interface by using a RTi processor to tie in all the different AV features. Now main events at the pub are never a technical hassle anymore – if the pub has a main event on, they can just group all the zones together and use the one source, and then instantly switch back to individual zones with the tap of one button when the event is over.

In a commercial setting like a pub, customer comfort is the top priority – how much guests enjoy their time in the pub. We don’t want customers to leave because the sound is too loud, or too soft that the upbeat buzz of the pub is lost, and we definitely don’t want customers to be able to tell that staff are adjusting the audio: getting the volume right the first time when switching inputs is essential. This is where automation shines in commercial spaces: tested, certain, programmed presets of audio levels so one touch of a button gets it instantly perfect.

Commercial Venue Automation

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