Sans Souci

3 Jun, 2020

Project Details

We loved working on this home in Sans Souci and we’re super happy with the result. This was our first job using our Abode Interface Package and we loved seeing the new package in action! We got Abode ready just in time because we don’t think we had a package that quite suited this home prior to Abode, but Abode melts right into the walls and blends perfectly with the style of the home.

C-Bus GUI Home Automation

This home already had an existing C-Bus system but using the old technology, we encouraged the customer to update the system to a Clipsal C-Bus 5500SHAC so that we could tie in all the awesome automatable features of this home into one system. The SHAC has AC integration into the MyAir air-conditioning control system, allowing high-level control of the AC from their smart devices and also from the home’s C-Bus EDLT wall switches, eliminating the need for AC control panels in every room.

Smart Home Phone Remote

We also supplied and installed a 7.1 cinema style system with Origin Acoustics speakers that sound INSANE. All controlled with a RTi Smart Remote and app control which is linked directly from the SHAC iPad Visualisation, no need to exit an app and then find another app and confusingly navigate between.

Luxury Smart Home Theatre

All makes for one awesome home automation system and some happy customers!