Sydney Home Show with Clipsal

3 Jun, 2020

Project Details

We’re obviously huge fans of everything Clipsal does and the incredible technology they have created in their SHAC/NAC. So we were absolutely stoked and flattered when they asked us to collaborate on a sample home automation project for the 2020 Sydney Home Show at the ICC.

2020 Sydney Home Show
2020 Sydney Home Show

Clipsal wanted to demonstrate to attendees of the expo the capabilities that their home automation technology has, alongside showing off all their stunning electrical equipment. The expo was open for any person with an interest in home improvement, so of course, an awesome opportunity for Clipsal to connect with interested clients. Since Clipsal wanted to showcase the expansive list of automated options the SHAC technology allows, this meant for a home automation project about as big as they get on a SHAC. And to make it even more impressive, we decided to create THREE different interface designs to show attendees that they can customise their project to match their home. So that’s three different versions of a large sample project. But we at Ryelec love a challenge so we were more than happy to provide this for them.

Clipsal C-Bus GUI

For our interface designs, we decided to create a dark style one using our Dusk Interface Package and a lighter-style one using the Quartz Interface Package, as well as another project using the Quartz icons but instead using photos as backgrounds. We just used sample home photos sourced online for our project, these would be replaced with photos of the customer’s home for a custom project. At the expo, attendees could come and have a play around with the iPad that had all 3 sample project options available, adjusting the lights, controlling blinds, and just getting a general idea of how incredible home automation can be. Ryelec Director, Tom Ryan, was also on hand at the expo, available to answer any questions that people had, and he was surprised to learn that many attendees didn’t know home automation was at the level it is now.

Take a look at our three different sample projects below and decide which one you’d want in your home!

Sample Project 1

Sample Project 2

Sample Project 3

Thanks, Clipsal, for the awesome opportunity, and your awesome technology that just keeps getting better the more we learn to use it!