A Savant Smart Home with the Best in App Design

Your control system is the core of your smart home. It is essentially the ‘app’ that you’ll interact with to control your entire home when you’re there or away. Either from wall-mounted or roaming touchpanels, smart remotes or your smartphone. Home control systems bring everything together so all the electrical components feel cohesive and connected. Then your smart switches can focus on the quick, convenient control in each room.

We offer two main control systems to choose from – Basalte Home or Savant Home.

Savant are one of the leading providers of user-friendly smart home products worldwide. Their range of touchpanels are elegant, modern and bring everything together. A Savant Smart Home is known to be easy to use, customisable, and stable. Trusted worldwide with an established reputation for technical excellence.  Let’s explore why we think a Savant Smart Home control system is one of the best options available.



Savant Home.

Savant is a recognised leader in smart home solutions around the world. Founded in 2005, they have an established reputation as a polished and sophisticated platform with the unique ability for users to highly personalise their smart living experience. Savant brings everything in the home together, easily controlled from touchpanels, switches, phones and remotes.




The Savant Home app is intuitive to use, beautiful in design and allows for personalisation. Everything in the home is easily controlled from the one highly capable app. The app can be displayed across your touchpanels, tablets, phones and smart watches.

The Savant touchpanels are user-friendly with high-resolution graphics in elegant designs. They’re available in several sizes in either black or white. Designed with the modern family home in mind.


Savant Smart Home in luxury oceanfront property


Savant Smart Home in our Sydney showroom


Savant Smart Home Touchpanel on wall


Savant Smart Home touchpanels in white




This home features a Savant Home Control System paired with Basalte Switches.



Savant Home Control Phone App.

This is what you’ll use to control your home via your smartphone.
The app is modern and well-developed with diverse capabilities. Create and edit your own ‘scenes’ for the entire home and personalise wallpaper images and room names to suit your home.


Savant Pro Remote.

Diverse home control including entertainment, lighting, climate, shades and more.

Features voice control capabilities. Available in Space Gray, Jet Black and Rose Gold.
Create and save custom screen layouts for quick access to everything you use most, including favourite channels, favourite music and commonly used scenes. Make adjustments on the go anytime, or add optional PIN protection to keep the perfect settings locked down. Customisable hard buttons. Multiple user capabilities.


Savant Door Entry Services

Savant brings all entry and security services together. Access and control cameras, door locks, security systems, gate and entry stations, and receive customisable notifications on your devices, from anywhere.

Eyes, ears & voice at your doorstep. You have a selection of door entry devices on offer with Savant. This one has a wide-angle HD camera with video capture, plus two-way intercom. Night vision.
Smart. Seamless. Secure.

This 2N Intercom is the smaller compact entry device option from Savant.

Video recording for later viewing. Five assignable ringtones. Answer, see, and speak to visitors from anywhere. Customisable user interface in Savant Pro App. Notifications for events such as visitors or motion. Support for optional night vision cameras.


Savant Smart Home Intercom



The Savant user interface is very modern and easy to use. Would you choose black or white Savant touchpanels for your home? or mix and match sizes and colours around your home instead? If you’d like to see more, visit our Control Systems page to take a closer look at Savant Home. Then book a free showroom consult to interact with the Savant products in real time.

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