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Package #5

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Smart Home Package #5 includes the installation of KNX Building Management. Building a system with a large amount of integrations requires KNX technology. It is a worldwide standard and allows us to bring everything together into one system. If you want most things in your home integrated, KNX will be the right choice for you.

Package #5 includes the Basalte Home Control System. Basalte is one of the most user-friendly and stylish smart home control apps available worldwide. It has incredible customisation abilities. You will use the Basalte Home app on your phone to control your home, as well as from the Basalte touchpanels and smart remotes placed around your home.

Package #5 also uses Basalte for switches. Every room will have a Basalte smart switch, and key areas will also have a Basalte touchpanel. Basalte’s products are hand crafted in Belgium and available in many different designer finishes. They have unmatched control capabilities in refined designs.

Smart Home Package #5 includes a Sonos multi room audio system, and a Doorbird intercom and security system.





Basalte Touchpanel Smart Light Switch for Smart Home



With this package, you will control your home from the Basalte app, displayed on your phone and various touchpanel smart switches around the home. Basalte have several different touchpanel options, available in many stunning, high-end finishes. The Basalte app is modern in design and intuitive to use. You can easily adjust your entire home system from anywhere in the world, with great customisation abilities such as wallpaper images, custom scenes, schedules, and switch programming. Basalte offers the most modifications to your system without a programmer. You can easily adjust the system to suit you. Our favourite Basalte touchpanel options are the Lena Panel, The Ellie Panel and the small but powerful Lisa.

Basalte Miro remotes will be programmed for use in media areas. They feature a touchscreen design so they are simple to use and can control everything in the room, including the lights, shades and climate control, along with all the media sources including the multi-room audio system.

Ekinex Signum Smart Light Switch for Automated Blinds



With this package, choose from Ekinex’s beautiful range of smart switches. The Ekinex light switch is known to be very easy to use and features obvious depictions of what you’re controlling. If you prefer switches that are labelled with text or icons, then Ekinex might be the right choice for you. The Ekinex switches are compact and simple in design but have impressive technological capabilities, with one small switch being able to control a large amount of room elements. There are several Ekinex switches that we frequently use. You are welcome to select a different Ekinex light switch for every room. Main rooms will have an Ekinex switch paired with a Savant touchpanel for further control.

Top tier light switch options from Ekinex include the 20venti, Signum and FF series ranges. Amongst each of these switch ranges there are many configuration and finish options, as well as endless options for text or symbol labels. Ekinex opens up a world of breathtaking switch possibilities. The right switches for you will depend on your home layout and what you want to control in every room. We work with you to expertly map out the most suitable control layout.


Basalte Ellie Panel for Smart Heating and Cooling

Ekinex Smart Light Switch Smart Home

Ekinex 20venti smart light switch   Ekinex FF Series Smart Light Switch   Ekinex Signum Smart Light Switch

Basalte Lena Panel for Home Automation