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Selecting switches for your home is one of the most important electrical decisions. Placed throughout every room, the switches are what you’ll interact with most. With a Ryelec smart home, you’ll have access to some of the finest switch choices from around the world. Powerful smart switches that go far beyond the standard light switch you may be used to. Each of our trusted switch brands have a variety of finishes and designs to choose from so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect smart switches to match the beautiful aesthetic of your dream home.

Ryelec smart homes bring all the technology into one control system so we can place stylish, luxurious touchpanels in key areas and keep the switches around the home refined and artistic. The touchpanels allow for detailed control of the entire home so that the switches can just focus on quick and convenient control.

Our go-to brands for switches include BasalteEkinexZETR and Clipsal.

Here we’ll explore the world of ZETR and their unbelievable range of high-end switches and outlets. 



Award-winning, innovative, architectural products. Designed in-house in Australia.

ZETR is a range of refined and integrated switches, power outlets and electrical fixtures that provide minimal impact on architectural finishes. ZETR is minimal and crisp, subtle yet purposeful. Quality over quantity, longevity over trends.

ZETR products are designed to disappear. Whether this is through a flush aesthetic, camouflaging textures, or shapes and forms that visually trick the eye. ZETR designs are finessed and resolved, a quiet and simplified detail in any space.

ZETR Switches flush on bathroom wall


The ZETR Range.

ZETR have a stunning selection of switches to use throughout your dream home.

You have the choice between Surface Mounted or Flush Mounted ZETR switches, in either Black or White.

If you decide on Flush Mounted, you can then choose additional faceplates from the ZETR Carbon range for more diversity of colours and textures.

Let’s explore the Surface, Flush & Carbon ZETR ranges…


ZETR Flush switches on wall




ZETR Switches in black and white surface mounted

SURFACE MOUNTED. The ZETR 12 series encompasses a slim surface mounted profile to elevate and echo the architectural finish below it. Demonstrating ZETR’s vision for refined electrical with minimal impact on architectural finishes, the 12 series sits proud, in ZETR’s signature curved minimalist design.

Slim profile and simple onsite installation for application across all surface types without the need for precise cutting.

Available in Matte: Black or White.
Switches can be 1-4 button configuration and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

| Simplified | Surfaced | Elevated |

ZETR Switches white on wall



ZETR Switches flush mounted

FLUSH MOUNTED. The ZETR 13 series is an award-winning range of refined and integrated switches and power outlets that provide minimal impact on architectural finishes via a flush aesthetic. These ZETR switches become part of their surroundings, an innovative design that sees them camouflage and sit completely flush. Luxurious, high-end and artistic.

Available in Matte: Black or White.
Switches can be 1-5 button configuration and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

| Textural | Blended | Curved |

ZETR black switch flush on bathroom tiles

ZETR flush switches on bedroom wall




FLUSH MOUNTED FACEPLATES. ZETR Carbon is a selection of carefully curated metal switch and power outlet faceplates for the 13 series range. The ZETR Carbon range provides the ability to customise your switches to intertwine with your home even further. Simply install a Carbon faceplate over your white or black 13 Series switch.

All ZETR Carbon plates are designed and hand crafted in Australia, using high quality materials and machinery. ZETR Carbon places are made in a variety of metal finishes including patina and polished brass, bronze, stainless steel and matte black steel.

Finish Options ~ Natural or Nano-Coated.
The Carbon Nanos are a curated selection of durable finishes, that are hand assembled for reliable quality and longevity. Where continuity of finish is paramount, faceplates are nano-coated to allow an ease of cleaning and maintenance, perfect for high-use touch points.



ZETR Brass power outlet on wall



The ZETR Switches are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Would you choose Black, White or one of the Carbon faceplates for your switches? Or mix and match throughout your home? If you’d like to see more, visit our Smart Switches page to take a closer look at ZETR Switches. Then book a free showroom consult to interact with the ZETR products in real time.

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