Energy Monitoring

Power Monitoring Certified

Ryelec is one of few companies that is trained and certified by Schneider to supply and install Power Tags. Our EcoExpert badge allows us to tie in power monitoring to your automation system so you can view and track your energy use over time. We are also approved installers of KNX energy meters, and we are certified in the installation and power monitoring of electric car chargers.

Schneider EcoXpert Sydney

Essential Circuit Monitoring and Alerts

Power Tags are commonly installed to monitor the energy usage of things like climate control, pool equipment, power circuits/appliances or whole mains switchboards. With an installed energy usage monitor, capacity is monitored and the system will ‘load shed’ things that are not required when capacity is approaching. For example, drop out pool heating systems, drop back EV charging or cut out AC zones. Power Tags are especially useful for tracking essential power circuits such as cellars, grease traps or cool rooms as the system will send an alert to a staff members phone if there is a malfunction. In a pub or butcher setting for example, this allows you to immediately get someone to solve the issue rather than discovering a wasteful disaster at terrible timing.

Automation to Reduce Power Usage

Overall, automation can, and has for many of our clients, reduce energy use by making the home or venue run in the most energy-efficient way at all times. In a commercial setting, this means installing motion sensors and programming temperature based climate control to work in an efficient way. For example, if an area of a venue gets too hot, the fans automatically try to cool it down first, and if the temperature doesn’t reach the desired level, then the AC will activate – since fans are more energy-efficient than AC. In a home environment, automation means that if the AC is ever turned on, the system will scan to close any electric windows that have been left open to make the AC run most efficiently. Adding heated towel rails, underfloor heating and pumps and irrigation onto time-based schedules also means no excessive and unnecessary power consumption and saves you and the environment in the long run.

Optimize Solar Power

Whilst solar energy is already highly innovative, automation takes things to new heights. A fully integrated smart solar energy system with a battery lets you use as much of your solar power as possible, which reduces the amount sent to the grid and maximises your return on investment. Automation allows us to decide where solar energy stored in the battery is used throughout a building – charge electric cars, boost hot water, power appliances, pool pumps or whatever else. It is much more beneficial to use the power in the home rather than selling it back to the grid for far less than you pay. Usually automation and solar energy are completely separate technologies in the home, but Ryelec’s expertise in automation allows us to tie it all together, making the whole house work together in one cohesive system toward the best outcome – the most energy efficient home and the cheapest possible electricity bills.

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