A Ryelec Energy System

The Power of Clean Energy

To create a more sustainable future, we need to change the way we generate and use energy. It makes complete sense to move away from relying on unsustainable finite resources, and into the infinite field of renewables. We are passionate about clean energy and we hope one day every building will be completely powered by it. But the responsibility lies with all of us to force change at an individual level. Australia is further behind other countries in our transition to renewables than we should be, considering we are so sunny and windy. It’s time for us to pull our weight and be a leading country who are proud to be primarily powered by clean energy, shaping a brighter future.

There are some incredible technologies in the clean energy industry, and innovations constantly being made in things like geothermal, hydro and wind, which Ryelec are actively exploring. Our mission at Ryelec Energy is to enhance clean energy and drive progress in the field. We’re achieving this by combining our expertise in automation technology with the latest in energy management. Ryelec Energy systems are customised to each home or venue. We always install the highest quality solar panels with micro inverters and we design battery storage systems that we know will deliver – using smart energy meters to monitor use. When we use automation in a solar and battery setup, it ensures all solar energy captured will be utilised and allows decisions to be made on how and when the energy is used. Rather than just putting solar panels on the roof and hoping for the best, automation brings the entire building together and makes sure everything is working cohesively towards the overall goal – producing, storing and consuming energy independently. We’re calling on every building to join the energy revolution!

Achieve Energy Independence

A Ryelec Energy System is how you get your power bill closer to $0. It is how you can achieve energy independence – no longer subject to fluctuating energy prices which can be affected by fuel shortages as well as geo-political and environmental factors. There is an abundance of solar energy available for solar panels to capture, but achieving maximum energy independence requires the storage of this energy to be used at times when solar generation is not possible. This is where solar batteries come in. Adding a battery to a solar system lowers running costs, means you can operate off-grid or in an outage, and allows us to use automation to ensure all your solar energy is being used, and to decide how it’s being used, in the most efficient way. A complete Ryelec Energy System will include our recommended optimal amount of high-quality solar panels with micro inverters, the battery suited for your home or venue, and smart meters to determine when the battery should charge and discharge. Smart technology is used in Ryelec Energy systems to ensure peak performance at optimal capacity.

Virtual Community Solar Power Plants

Opting for a Ryelec Energy System with battery also opens the option to join a virtual power plant. This is a network of homes with batteries that instantly share stored energy when it’s needed. The more homes that join, the cleaner and more stable the community’s grid becomes – helping prevent outages and lowering the cost of electricity. All while reducing the community’s reliance on fossil fuels and facilitating a community working together toward a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Great benefits of joining the network, like competitive time-of-use rates and grid support credits.

Renewable Energy for Electric Vehicles

Petrol and diesel are finite so the transition to a society predominantly made up of electric vehicles is inevitable and the popularity boom is exciting. If these vehicles are charged using solar power, they are incomparably more environmentally-friendly than other vehicles. Unlike fossil fuel-powered vehicles that you fill up when the fuel tank is low, you can charge your electric vehicle everyday to keep it constantly topped up, just as you may routinely charge your phone overnight. It is important to ensure your EV is in fact powered by solar energy if you are committed to greener choices. Then, best of all, you’re ‘filling up’ your vehicle for free! Compare that to the hundreds you may be spending at petrol stations each week. And to what that is costing our planet.

Ryelec uses elite product choices from around the world to ensure the entire home system works together. We are certified Schneider EcoXperts, qualified in the installation and automation of electric vehicle chargers. We use high quality chargers that provide far superior charging time than the standard ones that come with electric vehicles. Our trusted EV chargers constantly monitor how much power is being used and will change the capacity of the charger to not overload the electrical supply of the house. For example, in the evening if everyone is home and lots of power is being used, the EV charger will ramp down and wait until later at night when power usage is lower to ramp back up.

The everyday sustainable smart home is here.

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