What type of security system do you need?

Advanced home security keeps your family and home safe at all times. Even if that’s during the construction phase. Home security and CCTV is at advanced levels, with smart access control, alarms and high quality cameras. We integrate everything into one system for added convenience and safety. Get the latest in home security with Ryelec. The level of security you need for your home is totally up to you.

Home Security

Home Security

Modern, reliable and safe security systems monitorable from your smart devices.

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Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

With no one living onsite during construction we know how important it is to keep it secure.

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Enjoy peace of mind with smart home security solutions

We understand how important it is to protect your dream home, and thankfully, as smart technologies have advanced, smart security solutions have developed alongside. Gone are the days of blurry, out-dated CCTV cameras – now we have incredible high definition cameras that you can view from anywhere in the world from your smart devices. These cameras have the ability to tilt, zoom and pan so you can check on every angle of your home and review any footage that you need.

Security Innovations

We can supply, install and program advanced security measures to keep your home protected. Providing massive convenience and safety. We use some of the most trusted brands from around the world for our access control systems, alarms and security cameras.
Smart alarms keep your family protected, deter intruders and can alert authorities immediately. They use a network of sensors to detect break-ins as well as fire and carbon monoxide. Alerts are sent to smart devices, providing ultimate peace of mind and can even lower your home insurance costs. Electronic door locks, automated garages and electronic gates allow you to monitor and provide access to areas of your home remotely. There are many access device options, ranging from intercoms to keypad, swipe card and even fingerprint access to name a few. Scheduled access can be programmed by setting certain access codes to work at certain days and times. For example, a gardener’s code that only works 3-5pm on a Friday. Set as many codes as you like and monitor when they are entered. Watch over and control your doors/gates/garage from anywhere in the world. Smart intercoms alert your devices with a video feed of who is at your door which you can answer or decline. Answering begins a two-way call between the intercom and whatever device you’re on – one of the touchscreens around the house or your phone. You can then grant access. If motion is detected, even without a button being pressed, the intercom will take a photo of the door. You can also check your missed door calls.

Home Security Systems with Doorbird Intercom

High Quality Security Cameras

Security cameras have greatly improved in quality in recent years – we now have incredibly high definition security cameras that you can view anytime, anywhere. We map out the camera system to keep all corners of your home safe. We ensure all main doors are protected and we place a camera inside your garage so you can view the garage door from your apps. Our trusted CCTV cameras have the ability to tilt and pan the cameras so you can check on every angle. High quality image with impressive zoom capabilities and the ability to review your footage.

Home Security Cameras with phone monitoring app

Construction Site Security Cameras

We know how important it is to keep a building site secure, because with no one living at the location, there is no one to ensure that the expensive gear, tools and features of the home are kept safe. That is why when you take on a full electrical and automation contract with us, we provide a complementary temporary site security setup to watch over the site from start to finish. We can also offer this to other builders charged at a monthly fee.

CCTV camera for Home Security Systems

Onsite Security Systems

Ryelec onsite security systems usually include 3 cameras that run on 4G, so the builders can login at any time and monitor the site. This provides ultimate peace-of-mind and also convenience in project management as they can see what’s happening onsite at any time from anywhere in the world. Scheduled into the system for after-work hours are powerful security features such as the cameras flashing strobe lights and an audible siren if someone attempts to break in. The builders are alerted to this and can have a two-way conversation through the camera. One of the cameras we use is a 360 degree controllable dome, with pan, tilt, and zoom features to thoroughly check the site. After hours, this camera goes into an automatic patrol, moving around to survey the site. All our cameras have UPS battery backup, so if the power is cut they will still run for a full day on battery.

We also program the cameras to take two snapshot photos per hour throughout the day so we can put together time-lapse videos to show milestones of the build – great for marketing use. Get in touch with us if you’d like to organise a temporary security setup at your job site! You can read more about site security here.

HD Smart Home Security Cameras To Monitor Job Sites

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