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Smart sound systems allow you to easily play music in any area of your home or venue over epic-sounding speakers. Controlled using your phone, smart remotes or touchpanels. You’ll find yourself adding music to your spaces and brightening your day more often purely because it is so simple and quick. All you have to do is select your audio from your favourite streaming service and choose the areas you’d like it to play in. Speaker technology is at amazing levels with studio-quality speakers readily available for any room. We offer audio products from some of the best manufacturers around the world. Soundbars, in-ceiling, in-wall, wall-mounted or even invisible speakers are the latest in advanced speaker designs. There are many design and size options available, and these are scalable in terms of loudness and price. Read more about our favourite speakers here.
To keep things simple, we offer 3 audio levels to choose from for each area of your multi-room audio system. Level 1 is ‘Background Music’ – still incredible quality audio, but more suited to the rooms where you’d like music to gently intertwine with your everyday living, such as a bathroom or laundry. Level 2 is ‘Good & Clear’ – this is for spaces where you want a bit more intensity to your music with crisp audio, perhaps a bedroom or home office. Level 3 is ‘Pumping’. This is for those spaces where you want big sound with lots of bass. Mind-blowing quality. Epic, immersive listening experiences. Usually in media areas, living areas or home gyms. However, there are no rules to your sound system. It is completely up to you which areas you’d like to include speakers, and the audio level in each of these. You can visit our showroom to hear all the speaker options for yourself.

Outdoor Sound System with speakers around pool

Speakers That Are Completely Invisible

Alongside the choice in audio levels, you also have the choice of whether your speakers will be visible or invisible in each area. All our speaker options are stylish and discrete in design to blend with the aesthetic of your home or venue. Speakers can be incorporated into joinery to hide them. Or for those spaces where speakers could clutter the aesthetic, we can install invisible speakers. Invisible speakers are the ultimate in luxury expression through architectural audio. They are installed into a ceiling or wall and then finished over with the surrounding surface, delivering unbelievable sound quality with zero visual intrusion. Completely Invisible. We use the world’s best sounding invisible speakers, Sonance, who set the benchmark for the invisible speaker category with a shallow design for diverse installation options, and wide dispersion for spreading the sound evenly and flawlessly throughout the entire space. There are several sizes available in invisible speakers so they can be installed into any area of your home. Visit our showroom to hear invisible speakers for yourself – you won’t be able to see them though of course!


Sonance Invisible Speakers for Sound system for home

The Ultimate in Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor audio can sometimes be difficult when you are battling the elements, but with high quality speakers and a stable network, you can project perfectly even sound coverage directly into an entire outdoor listening area with equal volume and crystal clear definition, turning the whole outdoor space into listening bliss. Grab your cup of coffee, select your favourite morning Spotify playlist from your phone and start your day with soft but flawless audio in your back patio. Family barbecues are even better with speakers right by the pool, and easily group that audio with your living areas so everyone can enjoy the music. And for those later nights and louder volumes, it’s like having a professional audio system all around your backyard. Song requests are much easier with the music in your pocket, while directional speakers and engineered sound keep neighbour disturbances to a minimum. Outdoor speaker options include: wall-mounted, completely weatherproof, aesthetically refined speakers in white or black; modern bollard speakers in various finishes; and landscape satellite loudspeakers on spikes to tuck inconspicuously yet securely amongst your yard with burial subwoofers. To achieve the ultimate boom, you need a lot of air to move, so the modern solution to maintaining your neat garden but still delivering that thump is to bury the sub, leaving only an earth-coloured cap that discreetly protrudes from the ground. We can engineer an audio system tailored to your outdoor area and to your budget.





Origin Acoustics sound system for garden

Easily Add Music Around The Home

A smart home sound system allows you to seamlessly blend music into your daily life by making it effortless to start playing. Using your phone, smart remotes or touchpanels, select your audio from your favourite streaming service and choose the areas you’d like it to play in. Simple. Your device functions such as phone calls or videos will never interrupt the tunes. Select a different source for each area, or group zones together to play the same music throughout your whole home and even your outdoor areas. There are hundreds of internet radio stations you can save and choose from as well as all your other favourite services such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, TuneIn, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Audible, and many more. Music, podcasts or audio books can all be played over your home speakers. You could even incorporate your sound system into your automation ‘Scenes’. For example, a ‘Relax’ scene could dim your living area lights, close the curtains and start playing your favourite chill playlist. Ryelec sound systems are user friendly to control and deliver incredible sounding audio.

Basalte ellie touchpanel for sound system for home

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