To ensure everything runs as streamline and cost-effectively as possible, it is best to involve us in the very early stages of a build. Ryelec can design, plan, supply and install your entire automation and electrical project and by reaching out to us early on, you open up more automation system options and ensure all the correct hardware and cabling is in place from the beginning.

Any electrical device is capable of being automated, from lighting, blinds, windows, climate control and audio-visual to security systems, access control, pool equipment and irrigation. There are many different and exciting ways to build and develop on your automation, improving your quality of life. We love a challenge, so if there’s something unusual you’re hoping to integrate into your system, we will try our best to make it happen. We have elaborated on this further in our ‘What can be automated in your home or venue?’ article.

There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to smart home products, but the best smart homes aren’t just a passing trend – they’re future proof. From working in the smart home industry for the last decade, we have now narrowed down our offerings to a select few technologies. We know these technologies to be reliable, stable and high performing. We have installed them in countless homes and have consistent positive feedback from our clients.
A smart home or venue needs several key inclusions. First, there’s the physical automation-compatible features – the lighting, electric shades, audio-visual equipment, cameras, intercom etc.
Underlying those physical features there needs to be a building management system. This is what is wired around the home. It’s how elements in the building share information with each other. We work with KNX and C-Bus building management. C-Bus is perfect for smaller systems with basic integrations. KNX is for full systems with a large amount of integrations. Next, based on that BMS, a control system needs to be overlaid. This is the umbrella that all subsystems sit under. The control system is, as the name implies, how you control the building. It’s what you’ll interact with in the building via touchpanels and phones. We work with some of the best control systems on the market – Savant Home, Basalte Home & Clipsal Wiser.
And finally, a smart building will have switches in each room that allow for quick control. These switches need to be compatible with the BMS and the control system. For C-Bus homes, we recommend the Clipsal Saturn Zen range. For KNX homes, we absolutely love the Ekinex 20Venti and Signum switches, and Basalte’s incredible range of controls.

No. Your system will be designed so that the main controls of a room are always within reach. Smart switches are installed on a wall in each room just as a regular light switch would be. You have many beautiful switch options to choose from. These switches can control various things such as lighting, fans, AC and speakers all from the one switch, and also have Scenes programmed in so you can turn the whole room on or off with one press. For more overall control, we install wall-mounted touch panels in the key areas on each level of the home, these touch panels feature the entire automation system. You will also have control of the system from a custom app on your smartphone. In media areas, we install touchscreen smart remotes which control the TVs as well as area lighting, blinds and climate.

Automation systems are extremely scalable, allowing you to invest as much or as little as your budget allows. You can start with a basic infrastructure, like simple lighting or audio automation and build up to a more high tech system. A more advanced system allows you to bring every electronic device in your home to one central point which is accessible via an easy to use interface displayed on touch screens and/or smart devices.

Plus, home automation also provides a range of energy saving efficiencies, which not only benefits the environment but also your bank account, offering fantastic return on investment.

Setting up a system can be quite complicated, which is why Ryelec takes the annoying technical stuff out of your hair. We program intuitive and reliable user interfaces for an easy and no fuss experience that simplifies your everyday life. A well-developed automation system gives the illusion of simplicity – taking complicated technical processes such as integrating in an entire media room with many AV sources and making it as easy as pressing a ‘Watch Movie’ button to transform the room into a theatre – the lights dim, blinds close, the projector turns on, the screen lowers and your chosen movie begins playing. ‘Simple’.

A common misconception about installing an automation system is that everything falls apart without the internet. People often worry that they’ll be unable to turn on their lights or unlock their doors without a connection, but this isn’t true. The worst-case scenario when there’s an internet outage is losing the convenience of being able to control things in your home remotely and possibly missing out on streaming your favourite TV show on Netflix for the night.

Yes, which is why it’s essential to have your system set up by accredited professionals, like Ryelec. Home automation systems can be hacked and “DIY” ones that still have their factory default usernames and passwords are the biggest target. We minimise any potential threats, taking all security precautions available. We set up hidden wireless networks, where automation and security are separate and protect these with safe usernames and passwords. You can also set your own passcodes on your app interfaces so only those who know the code can access them. We also perform regular maintenance on your system, reviewing passwords and security each time – so you can be confident that your network is safe and secure. We are also expert providers of home security systems and will recommend you add a high quality and reliable security camera system around your home for added protection.

Automation systems, when set up and programmed by a professional, will create an easy, effortless lifestyle that you will not know how you lived without. It will make tedious and easy-to-forget tasks simple, and your relaxation time much more comfortable and luxurious. Your home’s electrical system becomes something you no longer need to think about, as you can trust your lighting is not wasting power, your security system is protecting the home, your climate control is only working when it should be and your irrigation will trigger at the allocated time, if it hasn’t been raining. The ways in which a home automation system can simplify your life are expansive and differing for each individual. We’ve put together a blog post on some of our favourite examples of lifestyle-enhancing features of home automation.

Read our article ‘How can home automation simplify my life?‘ to find out more.

Not only will automation evoke a sense of sophistication for your business and make it easy for staff to control the premises, it also improves security and cuts back on labour costs. For example, you can have your system programmed so it turns all the lighting to cleaner’s mode 15 minutes before the cleaners arrive at 5am. At 8:50am, just before the doors open, it can automatically turn on the audio-visual system and trigger the daytime lighting scene. Just before sunset, it can change the whole mood of the venue as the night trading scene is automatically triggered, dimming the lights at a slow pace to the new levels so patrons don’t even notice it happening. Once the night is over and it’s time to go home, you can simply press the “goodbye” button which will then slowly dim the lighting off over a pre-set period allowing a safe exit path for staff, while turning off all the audio-visual systems, arming the alarm system and locking the doors. The system will then be ready to start all over again the next day. For large commercial areas such as pubs, motion sensors can be installed to detect movement in an area which will trigger the system to read the temperature of an area and then adjust the AC, fans or heaters if it is not sitting at the perfect comfortable level.

Yes, we can install multi-room audio in both new and existing homes, internally and externally. Advancements in speaker design, quality and technologies mean you can create a wireless digital audio system that allows you to select from thousands of streaming options and play them in every area of your home. We use the best audio products from around the world. From wireless amplifiers and studio quality subwoofers, to standalone bookshelf speakers, discrete ceiling speakers, invisible speakers, stylish wall-mounted speakers and incredible outdoor speakers. Our favourite audio brands include Origin Acoustics, Sonance and Sonos. Home audio can be controlled from your phone, wall-mounted touchscreens, smart remotes or wall switches. And best of all, your phone’s audio will not affect the music over the speakers at all: take a phone call or film a video and no matter what, the sound won’t interrupt your speakers.

Yes. In most cases we can use your existing TV and data wiring system to display a source from one location on the other displays in the home. You can even extend your remote control signal from any TV to the source, allowing you to use the Foxtel remote in your bedroom to control the Foxtel box in the living room. In fact, you can install a control system that includes an iPad, smart phone and/or smart remote which removes the hassle of having to use a pile of confusing remote controls. By installing your source devices into a communications rack somewhere out of the way, we can also hide all the bulky electronic equipment, creating the clean aesthetic of a single TV mounted to your wall. This means you can display as many source devices as you wish while improving the physical appearance of your system.

Yes. With an automated security system, you can check if the alarm system has been armed from anywhere in the world and check that your garage door, front door and gates are locked. Smart intercoms alert your smart devices with a live video feed when someone is at your door and allow you to provide access, with motion sensors that trigger photos even if no buttons are pressed. And for better visibility and security, tying in intercom to an automation system means you can remotely turn on your front door lights. For more advanced control, scheduled access can be programmed in by setting certain entry codes to work at certain days and times. Incredible high definition security cameras are also available that are viewable from anywhere in the world from your phone. These cameras have tilt, zoom and pan capabilities so you can check on every angle of your home and review the footage.

We know how important it is to keep a building site secure, because with no one living at the location, there is no one to ensure that the expensive gear, tools and features of the home are kept safe. To keep your building safe, we can set up temporary construction site security systems. These include 3 cameras that run on 4G, so the builders can login at any time and monitor the site. Scheduled into the system for after-work hours are powerful security features such as the cameras flashing strobe lights and an audible siren if someone attempts to break in. The builders are alerted to this and can have a two-way conversation through the camera. We use a 360 degree controllable dome camera, with pan, tilt, and zoom features to thoroughly check the site.

Technology is always moving at a rapid pace, which means that your system will naturally age over time. At Ryelec, we’re up to date with the changing technologies. With our systems, you can always update the programming or hardware to bring your system into the present. You can also add to your system as time goes on, integrating in new additions to your home and updating outdated ones. We store your system files on our server and on a USB in your rack so you have future access to your file if you need to make updates.

Our collaboration with you doesn’t end once the job is complete. Ryelec Aftercare ensures that you will always have support and assistance should you require it. We set up every system we install for remote management, which means we can access your system from our office to quickly address any issues that arise. 90% of all issues can be resolved remotely, and if not, we will usually have someone onsite to help within the week. For larger projects, we can set up maintenance contracts to routinely login through the year to update firmwares and check the functioning of the system. We also store your system files on our server and on a USB in your rack so you have future access to your file if you need.

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