Savant in Caringbah South


Audio, Automation, Home Automation, Security

Diverse integrations for a dynamic Savant home automation system with intelligent technology. Modern, crisp white product choices to match the overall minimalist aesthetic of the home. Incredible home audio system and advanced security system provided by Ryelec.

Savant and C-Bus technology in this home allows for integration of lights, blinds, aircon, pool control, intercom, security and access control, 13 CCTV cameras, home audio and AV control. All controlled from one app, eliminating many wall panels and thermostats that would otherwise be necessary and replacing them with Savant 8” white touchpanels which have a beautiful design and are very user friendly to control. C-Bus lighting control has been integrated for interior and exterior lighting, using EDLT light switches around the home which feature a helpful screen display and can control many things from one switch. Motion sensors placed in areas such as robes, hallways and stairways to gently trigger lights. Luxury living where design meets technology.

Savant Automation with Outdoor Garden Sound System


  • Advanced home network setup with secure WiFi points around the home to ensure the outdoor areas have a steady connection
  • Custom built AV racks
  • Savant Automation Control System. Wall-mounted touch panels, smart remotes and phones can be used to control the entire home from user friendly apps.
  • C-Bus Lighting Control with EDLT switches
  • Oceanside with the ultimate in outdoor entertaining. Flawless audio and convenient control.
  • Origin Acoustics speakers mindfully placed throughout the outdoor zones – a garden kit with directional speakers and burial subwoofer aimed toward the firepit, along with wall-mounted weatherproof speakers by the pool and in the boatshed.
  • Inside, invisible speakers are used in areas where a neat ceiling with no grilles is best – ensuites, gym and the living areas.
  • Integrated living area audio and TV means that all hardware is kept in the communications rack, leaving just the neat Samsung frame TV hanging on the wall to establish a tidy aesthetic.

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