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Ryelec is a South Sydney-based trade company so we take on physical installations all over Sydney, its surrounds and beyond. But leveraging on the advancements of automation, we can take on projects all over Australia by programming remotely. Ranging from small tasks such as using TeamViewer to remotely access your computer to help you solve an automation issue, to large jobs such as entire home automation systems bench-wired, tested and programmed in our office and then shipped for local on-site electricians to install.

If you are a home owner or you’re about to build a home and you would like us to design your automation system – we can develop an entire lighting and home control design and give it to your local electrician for wiring; we can supply and program all control equipment; and we can build your custom GUI to suit your home.

If you’re an electrician or systems integrator and you would like our help on a project that you’re involved with, we’re more than keen to jump in! Doesn’t matter where in the world you are – the beauty of the internet! Email us or give us a call to discuss your home or commercial automation project.


Automation Assistance By Programming Remotely

Some of the popular automation softwares can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have much experience with them, and you don’t have the extra time to dedicate to learning the ropes. So if you’d like some assistance with a project of yours, programming remotely allows us to help out charged at an hourly rate – we typically complete projects in around 3 days. You can contract us to do the graphical user interface and pre-programming of your project, while you do the electrical work onsite. We often design and preprogram Clipsal C-Bus automation systems for other integrators – our graphics packages allow us to complete these very quickly and our advanced programming experience allows us to write custom scripting and engineer solutions to complex automation problems. For example, a large hotel in Melbourne wanted lighting tracking for their meeting rooms where the walls are removable, as well as advanced app security. Rather than a local automator having to turn down the job or have troubles throughout, he contacted Ryelec and we were able to work together to develop an awesome problem-solving automation system with a completely custom app design.


Automation Graphics

Our graphics packages have seen our designs used internationally. They are the simplest way to work with Ryelec. We have a range of automation graphics available on our online store, which our in house graphic designer has developed. Thousands of icons created by Ryelec and sample app pages that you can use to develop your own modern and user-friendly interfaces. We can also take your 2D building plans and turn them into minimalistic and clear floor plans that you can place onto your app pages. Indicators can be placed onto these floor plans so the user can quickly see where anything is happening in the building. This is a great way to enhance an automation system with personalisation and improved user control.
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