How can home automation simplify my life?

Automation Makes For Effortless Control


Automation systems, when set up and programmed by a professional, will create an easy, effortless lifestyle that you will not know how you lived without. It will make tedious and easy-to-forget tasks simple, and your relaxation time much more comfortable and luxurious. Your home’s electrical system becomes something you no longer need to think about, as you can trust your lighting is not wasting power, your security system is protecting the home, your climate control is only working when it should be and your irrigation will trigger at the allocated time, if it hasn’t been raining.



How Automation Makes Things Simpler


The ways in which a home automation system can simplify your life are expansive and differing for each individual. We’ve listed some of our favourite examples of lifestyle-enhancing features of home automation below:

  • A control system that includes an iPad, smart phone and/or smart remote that controls everything in your home removes the need for some many wall panels, thermostats and remotes around the home and condenses it all down to user-friendly, stylish interfaces.
  • Similarly, adding automated lighting control to your home opens up a whole new range of incredible, modern wall switches for your lighting control around the home. These include small switches with screens so your lights can be labelled and you can include many lights on the one switch. We often install switches that can control lighting as well as shades, music and climate.
  • Integrated lighting means improved security. For example, if smoke detectors trip or your home/venue gets broken into, all the lighting inside will turn on so you can better see and escape or to scare away intruders.
  • Selecting the ‘Goodbye’ scene will shut down the whole system gradually, leaving a safe path of lighting for exit and arming the security system. You can be sure your home is secure from wherever you are in the world by checking the door locks and viewing security camera streams.
  • With smart intercom, you can see and speak to who is at your door from your smart device and provide access.
  • For your media room, the one-press button ‘Watch Movie’ scene will drop the projector screen, set up all your AV equipment to the right volume, dim the lighting to the right level and shut the blinds. This removes the need for several remotes and makes for an incredible cinematic experience.
  • A ‘Relax’ scene can be created for your living space which dims the lighting, shuts the blinds to your predetermined levels, plays your favourite playlist and ignites your fireplace. The ultimate luxury!
  • Remote access to turn on your AC before you get home, so it is the perfect temperature for when you arrive.
  • Running your irrigation system and pool equipment such as pumps, heaters and cleaners becomes automatic with automation. Time-based schedules will turn these on and off at the right time and days, and weather sensors ensure your irrigation isn’t running when it’s already raining.
  • Seamlessly blend your music into your daily life by making it effortless to start playing over your home audio system. Simply grab your smart device, select your audio from your favourite streaming service and choose which rooms you want it to play in. Your phone calls or camera won’t interrupt the music.
  • Power monitoring allows you to view and track your energy use over time to save money and resources. Set up different power tags for different circuits to track accurately and thoroughly.


We could list hundreds more! Home automation is the ultimate in luxury, convenience and cutting-edge technology to add the final touch to your beautiful, modern home. Working with Ryelec to build your smart home automation system means we sit down with you and listen to the ways you think automation could benefit your everyday life. We personalise every automation system, no two projects are ever the exact same.

The benefits of adding automation to your home will continue to become obvious as you use your automation system, and you’ll find yourself glad you installed automation on countless occasions!


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