Battery Storage

Why Add a Solar Battery?


Battery storage helps minimise energy bills and delivers greater energy independence than a standalone rooftop solar system can. There is an abundance of solar energy available for solar panels to capture, but achieving maximum energy independence requires the storage of this energy to be used at times when solar generation is not possible. Importantly, combining a solar system with battery storage lowers running costs and allows operation in the event of a power outage; but further on this, battery storage allows us to use automation. This massively enhances an energy system.


Automation ensures all stored solar energy will be utilised, and allows for efficiency decisions on how and when the energy is best used.

Ryelec Energy systems are customised to your home or venue. We always install the highest quality solar panels with micro inverters, and we design a battery storage system that we know will suit your needs – using smart energy meters to monitor use. Ryelec’s expertise in smart technology ensures peak performance at optimal capacity.

For The Environment

Our team firmly believes that sustainable energy is key to a cleaner future. To Ryelec, the most important reason to add a battery is to ensure the system is doing the most it can for the environment. Adding a battery to a setup helps achieve the overall goal of energy independency.

Certain battery brands provide the option to sign up to a virtual power plant where stored energy in your battery can be used by others in return for a subsidy. This facilitates a community working together toward a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Start Saving Money Straight Away with Battery Storage

Batteries are necessary for the economic future of your solar system’s life. As soon as a battery is installed it is working to save you money. Each battery will have a different capacity and price point to suit individual or company needs.

The technology is impressive and exciting. As it continues to improve, firmware upgrades are done automatically and new features are added, meaning your system is kept up-to-date.

Quality is an important factor in battery choice to ensure longevity. That’s why Ryelec Energy systems exclusively use lithium-iron-phosphate battery cells, renowned for safety, reliability and durability.

Living Off Grid

Ryelec Energy can provide complete standalone electricity systems. Often, going off grid can be more economical, especially in remote locations where the infrastructure for grid connection can cost more than a complete standalone system. And with no power bills and minimal maintenance, the ongoing costs are also kept to a minimum.

How Much do Batteries Cost?

The cost of solar batteries increases in line with battery capacity. Generally, batteries cost between $1,000 – $1,500 per kWh; this includes battery installation and GST. Most residential battery systems range between 5 – 30kWh.

To get return on your investment, batteries must have the capacity to reach your residential/commercial needs without significant excess.

We always work with you to suggest the most suitable battery option for your home or business.

Battery Benefits


  • Stores energy and detects outages to automatically become the energy source for the building
  • Unlike generators, batteries provide energy to lights/appliances without upkeep, fuel or noise
  • Can be recharged with clean solar energy
  • Batteries can charge electric vehicles, ensuring the vehicle is powered sustainably
  • Allow for energy independence and security in a fluctuating geo-political climate
  • Provide power to appliances within the home or building
  • Help achieve net zero to alleviate strain on the planet
  • Improves effectiveness by allowing for automation
  • Ensures maximum energy/output is achieved
  • Use clean energy at night, captured during the day
  • Sign up to a virtual power plant

How Solar Energy Works

Solar energy uses Photovoltaic Cells to capture the energy of the sun in the form of DC energy as the visible light particles from the sun (photons) bombard the solar panel and dislodge electrons creating electricity. The DC energy needs to be converted via a solar inverter to AC energy, this AC energy is what is used in your home. Your inverter is wired into your main switch board where the AC energy is utilised in your home. Excess solar energy is stored in a battery if there is one installed which can be used at night or when solar is in short supply, bringing you closer to that $0 power bill.

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