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Making the switch to solar energy is a good investment for your power bills and for the planet – saving you money every day and reducing your environmental footprint. It is also known to increase property value and safeguards you from rising electricity prices. But an investment is only as good as its return, and to get return on your solar setup, it needs to go the distance.

That’s why we value longevity and elite quality products. Products with impressive warranties and high quality parts from trusted brands.

Get the leading solar panels and batteries from pioneering companies when you choose a Ryelec Energy system.


We only use products from industry-leading brands. Brands that have been working in the industry for decades. And we always design and install our energy systems to function in the most effective way. We choose panels from a selection of top providers, which vary little in terms of performance, warranty and price. But we exclusively install Enphase micro inverters which are known to be the best system on the market. Enphase micro inverters are installed under each solar panel, which enables independent panel operation and increases solar performance.

Ryelec always recommends the best products suited to your energy use and budget, so that you get the most out of your investment and your energy system functions at its greatest possible potential.

Why Choose A Micro Inverter System

Micro Inverter systems are known to be the best on the market. The most common form of solar system is known as a ‘string system’. As the name suggests, it is a string of panels, usually 8-12, connected in a series. The electricity is then cabled to a string inverter which converts the DC electricity to AC electricity and regulates the voltage to match the grid. The main disadvantage of a string system is that if one panel in a string performs poorly, the remaining panels in that string will now also perform poorly. For example, if one panel is in the shade, all panels suffer.

Micro inverter systems, although much less common, are far superior, as each panel can operate and be monitored independently to avoid any shade or aspect issues. Leading to a quicker return on investment. They can also be expanded upon easily.

Whether it’s leaves, shadows, or a cloudy day – obstructions occur. With microinverters, each solar panel operates independently, whereas central inverters would limit their production to the weakest module.

Enphase’s graphic effectively conveys how a string system would disadvantage a solar setup, as all of the points of contact with shade would have an overall negative impact on the power generated. Micro inverters eliminate this by using Enphase’s Burst Mode technology to capture more energy in these low-light conditions.

Ensuring your Solar is Safe

Micro inverters have a 10 year warranty in Australia, and an impressive power conversion efficiency of 96.5%. They also have a highest operating temperature of 65 degrees, which shows their superiority in terms of safety as well. It is almost impossible for a micro inverter system to result in an electrical fire, as the DC electricity generated from the panels is kept at a consistently safe level and then converted to safer AC electricity. As inverters are designed to shut down during a grid outage, the micro inverters will self-isolate if they can’t detect the grid. In contrast, string inverter systems will shut down but there will remain a very dangerous level of DC voltage on the roof if the sun is shining.

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