Home Control Systems


Your control system is the core of your smart home. It is essentially the ‘app’ that you’ll interact with to control your entire home when you’re there or away. Either from wall-mounted or roaming touchpanels, smart remotes or your smartphone. Home control systems bring everything together so all the electrical components feel cohesive and connected.

We offer two main control systems to choose from – Basalte Home or Savant Home. Both are trusted worldwide and are proven to be amongst the best options on the market. Basalte and Savant have an incredible selection of control devices on offer, developed by top product engineers and designers so your smart home will not only be stylish and luxurious, but also impressively intelligent and capable. Basalte and Savant home control systems pair beautifully with our trusted switches to create a modern connected home that exceeds your expectations.

Explore the breathtaking world of Basalte and Savant control systems below.