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Total Energy Independence

If you’re looking to achieve total energy independence and power your home using only clean energy sources, then we’d love to help. The transition to a society powered by renewables is highly motivating for us. Every day that a home or building is drawing from the power grid is another day of extracting and burning fossil fuels which are both damaging and finite. Why wouldn’t we choose infinite energy sources instead? Environmentally and financially.

In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on Earth. Our incredible sun provides us with two amazing clean energy alternatives: solar and geothermal, and it is a combination of the two in the home that can allow for energy independence. In a typical home, almost half of all energy used is for heating and cooling. This may be even more drastic in large homes with baths, pools and spas. Whilst a solar panel and battery setup is powerful and a great start, sometimes a bit of extra renewable support is needed to be fully energy independent. Geothermal HVAC is a reliable and renewable way to regulate a building’s temperature and take some pressure off a solar setup.

About Solar

Harnessing The Sun Even Further

Geothermal and solar are complementary forces to reduce carbon emissions, achieve energy independence and get relief from rising utility bills, and they’re both a result of our sun beaming down on us. To simplify, geothermal (ground source heat pump) home units work because the temperature below ground remains mostly constant. As the outside air temperature fluctuates between hot in Summer and cold in Winter, there is a temperature differential between that outside air and the core below ground. A geothermal HVAC system transfers the extra heat from below ground into your home in Winter, and it transfers the extra heat from your home into the ground in Summer, through discrete bulkhead fan coil units or underfloor heating.

Geothermal systems are made up of two major components: a set of underground pipes called ‘ground loops’, and a heat pump. This heat pump requires a small amount of electricity to work. As such, technically geothermal HVAC can only be considered as truly ‘renewable’ if it is also combined with a renewable source of electricity. This is another reason why a geothermal HVAC system works so well combined with solar panels. The geothermal heat pump regulates your home’s temperature using the electricity provided by your solar panels, and the geothermal HVAC takes care of a huge portion of power use to alleviate pressure on the solar setup. 

About Geothermal

Clean Energy Automation

The Ryelec Energy team is made up of expert providers of solar and battery setups, as well as systems integrators. We have worked with trusted providers of geothermal HVAC on a number of jobs, using our experience in automation and solar to get the most from clean energy. Usually solar and geothermal are separate from the rest of the technology in a home, but Ryelec’s expertise in automation allows us to tie everything together into one cohesive system that is all working towards the ideal outcome – the cheapest possible electricity bills, and minimal reliance on the grid. We want the most clean energy generated, stored and actually used in the home. We do groundbreaking work of combining automation, solar and geothermal. For smarter energy choices.

Our systems monitor the energy generation and use, room temperatures and outside conditions to automatically adjust the home to stay at the perfect comfortable temperature, using only renewable energy. Our systems make decisions on where and when to send power around the home, and when to reserve it. We make the absolute most of geothermal HVAC so it runs automatically, and we automate the solar to work in tandem. The geothermal HVAC system does a lot of the heavy lifting around the home with 24/7 energy generation, so the solar and battery can take care of the rest.

Geothermal with Solar

The Best Clean Energy Systems

So, for the best clean energy combinations in your large home, we recommend: a full solar panel setup with micro inverters as well as a solar battery to store that solar energy for when the sun isn’t shining. A geothermal HVAC system to heat and cool the entire home, including the hot water tanks, pools and spas. And finally, perhaps an electric vehicle charger that is also fed by the solar, to match the environmental commitment of an electric vehicle with an environmentally-conscious way of charging.

By combining geothermal, solar, batteries, EV chargers and automation, your home will be leading the way in clean energy and at the forefront of sustainable homes within Australia. We think there is a responsibility that comes with owning a large, new home featuring lots of technology, to offset that power use through renewable sources. It makes sense both financially and environmentally. Contact us to get started with your smart home powered by clean energy.

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