Why You Should Opt for a Solar System with Micro Inverters

Getting the Most from your Solar Power System


If you’re looking at utilizing our incredible sun’s energy to power your home, then it’s important to set the system up in a way that is going to capture (and store) the maximum amount of energy possible, now and going forward into the future. For Ryelec Energy systems, we value longevity and elite quality products. Products with impressive warranties and high quality parts from trusted brands. We always set up our solar systems in the most effective way, exclusively installing Enphase micro inverters which are known to be the best system on the market. Most solar systems connect all their panels to a single inverter in a string system, but the pioneering Enphase micro inverters are installed under each solar panel which enables independent panel operation and increases solar performance.

Let’s explore the main reasons why we always install micro inverters.


More Efficient.


Although much less common, micro inverters are far superior, with a 10 year warranty and an impressive 96.5% power conversion efficiency. Micro inverters ensure that if one panel slips into the shade or experiences a rare glitch, the other panels keep generating power using Burst Mode technology to capture more energy in these low-light conditions. A string system setup would limit production to the weakest module. Whether it’s leaves, shadows, or a cloudy day – obstructions occur. Enphase’s graphic below effectively conveys how a string system would disadvantage a solar setup, as all of the points of contact with shade would have an overall negative impact on the power generated.


Solar Panels for Home with Enphase Micro Inverters


Safety Matters. Opt for Micro Inverters.


Micro inverters have a highest operating temperature of 65 degrees and are the much safer choice. It is almost impossible for a micro inverter system to result in an electrical fire, as the DC electricity generated from the panels is kept at a consistently safe level and then converted to safer AC electricity. Inverters are designed to shut down during a grid outage, so the micro inverters will self-isolate if they can’t detect the grid. Whereas a string inverter system will shut down but there will remain a very dangerous level of DC voltage on the roof if the sun is shining.




Using a micro inverter system allows each panel’s performance to be monitored and for real time updates on solar energy generation and consumption. The system can be monitored from user-friendly and informative smart device apps. Enphase energy systems are also smart enough to update themselves automatically over the Internet to receive the latest software and new features.


Solar Monitoring App with Micro Inverters Solar Monitoring App with Micro InvertersSolar Monitoring App with Micro Inverters



Designed For The Future.


With a superior micro inverter system, we can be certain that the panels are performing the best they can be. This leads to the quickest return on investment. Micro inverter systems are also much easier to expand upon, meaning that the solar setup is future-proof and can grow with your home.



Enphase Micro inverters for solar panels


Making the switch to solar energy is a good investment, saving you money every day and reducing your environmental footprint. It is also known to increase property value and safeguards you from rising electricity prices. But an investment is only as good as its return, and to get return on your solar setup, it needs to go the distance. That’s why Ryelec always recommends the best products to get the most out of your investment and have your solar system functioning at its greatest possible potential. Opt for micro inverters. Contact us today to get started on your clean energy journey.

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