Solar Panels Install that Blend in with the Roof

High Quality Solar Panels Install in Sydney’s South


It’s really encouraging to look around and see so many homes and buildings making the switch to solar energy. As on-the-grid energy prices continue to rise and non-renewable resources continue to decline, there has never been a better time to join the energy revolution and begin harnessing the incredible sustainable resource we already have available to us. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth – it creates pure, clean and renewable power. One day we will look back on a time when each home wasn’t solar powered, just as our ancestors looked forward to being able to harness the sun’s energy. The technology is already here, it is just up to each building to add. You can take self-responsibility for your home’s energy, drive change in society, alleviate strain on the planet, and begin saving on energy now.


Every solar panels install for us is another step toward a society run on renewable energy. We are passionate about this work. We stay up to date with the latest research to ensure our solar systems are as efficient as possible, safe, and long-lasting.


This home in Sydney’s South recently joined the energy revolution with a Ryelec Energy system.


Solar Panels Install on Sydney Home


Solar Panels Install that Blend with the Roof.


Solar Panels Install blend with roof tiles  Discrete Solar Panels Install on Roof


We value longevity and elite quality products. Products with impressive warranties and high quality parts from trusted brands. High quality means the latest in solar panel design and aesthetic – like for this Sydney home, where the solar panels install does not detract from their home’s overall design at all. The panels blend in with the roof.
Solar can be stylish and modern. And we think caring about the planet is something to show off with pride.


high quality Solar Panels Install on roof  Solar Panels Install that blend with roof


The Most Energy Efficient Solar Panels Install


This home gets some shadows cast on the panels at different times of the day from nearby trees. In a typical string system, (the most common solar setup) a shadow cast on one of the panels would have an overall impact on the entire system. A Ryelec Energy system avoids this. We install Enphase micro inverters under each of our panels. Micro inverter systems, although much less common, are far superior, as each panel can operate and be monitored independently. The system can also be expanded upon easily. The below photos show the Enphase micro inverters up close.


Enphase micro inverter under solar panels install  Enphase micro inverter under solar panels install Sydney


Using a micro inverter system allows each panel’s performance to be monitored and for real time updates on solar energy generation and consumption. The system can be monitored from user-friendly and informative smart device apps. Enphase energy systems are also smart enough to update themselves automatically over the Internet to receive the latest software and new features.


One More Solar Powered Home


This recent Sydney install is a great example of solar panels becoming part of the home. With a great result in terms of aesthetic and maximum exposure to the incredible solar power beaming down on us every day. One more home generating and using their own energy and stepping away from non-renewable resources.


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