Electric Vehicle Charger Installed at Bunker House Gerringong

The Rise in Electric Vehicles


Recent years have seen a surge in the uptake of electric vehicles. We’re seeing more and more people make the switch to EVs, as the prices come down, more manufacturers bring out EV options, and we learn how much kinder they are to the environment than vehicles that use finite petrol and diesel. Especially when they’re recharged using clean energy like solar.

This rise in electric vehicles is why it made sense to install an electric vehicle charger down at the Bunker House Gerringong. We programmed an advanced automation system for the Bunker House and its varying needs as a high traffic holiday rental, and it was great to be back to further enhance Bunker House with the great addition of an EV charger. Now guests can jump in their car, head to Bunker House and recharge throughout their stay. For this electric vehicle charger, we partnered with Schneider Electric to install their exciting new product.

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Schneider EV Link Home Charging Electric Vehicle   EV Charger Install at Home


Providing Superior Charging Time.


There are the chargers that come with electric vehicles, and then there’s this.
This is a 3 phase charger which provides far superior charging time than standard chargers. Meaning less time spent plugged in and more time out exploring the breathtaking Gerringong and surrounds.
Most importantly, this charger has a peak controller. This constantly monitors how much power is being used and will change the capacity of the charger to not overload the electrical supply of the house.
For example, in the evening if lots of people are in the home and a higher amount of power is being used, the EV charger will ramp down and wait until later at night when power usage is lower to ramp back up. Charging can also be monitored from a phone app.


Man charging electric vehicle at home   Electric Vehicle charging at Bunker House Gerringong



Cater To More Guests with an Electric Vehicle Charger.


We’re excited about a future powered by clean energy, and motivated by using home automation to make energy systems more efficient. It’s great to see Bunker House getting on board and providing electric vehicle chargers for their environmentally-conscious guests. We hope to see more holiday rentals and homes adding electric vehicle chargers and more people getting out there and exploring Australia using clean energy.



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