Bunker House


Home Automation, RTI Project

The Bunker House Gerringong. Full home automation system with extensive and intelligent integrations, breathtaking home audio & an advanced security system.

An excellent expression of the ways in which automation can intertwine with every detail of a home. This automation system was carefully crafted with personalised app interfaces to ensure controlling this incredible house is seamless, user-friendly and all-encompassing. RTI software has been used to integrate the diverse and extensive components that make up this home into one dynamic and cross-communicating system. Bunker House is available as a holiday rental, so we developed refined and considered app designs to ensure guests have a seamless and pleasant interaction with the system.

Built by Futureflip. See more from Bunker House Gerringong here.

Bunker House Gerringong Smart Home
Bunker House Gerringong Smart Home Phone App


  • In-wall RTI touchscreens with HD display of custom app design. Placed in key areas on each level of the home
  • Custom phone app for control of the entire system from anywhere in the world
  • Interior and exterior lighting control
  • Automated blinds, shutters and windows
  • Climate control including air conditioning and floor heating
  • Automated pool and irrigation system
  • Incredible-sounding, advanced, and integrated home audio system with 9 zones of audio
  • The best in outdoor entertaining with speakers in the garden and surrounding the pool
  • Full audio-visual control including home media room and drop-down projector screen in the master bedroom
  • RTI smart remotes in media areas which consolidates all remotes. Also controls the area’s lighting, blinds and climate
  • Access control including garage, gate and entry doors
  • Automated alarm system
  • Intercom system with full integration into RTI touchscreens to eliminate the need for additional hardware on the walls
  • Allows for 2 way video calls and remote door access
  • 10 security cameras monitorable from smart devices. Re-watch footage.
  • Advanced programming capabilities of the security system – varied access codes for accommodation purposes, complete home shutdown upon alarm arming, and custom scenes, including the ‘Goodbye’ scene which shuts down the house then checks if the garage door has shut after a set amount of time
  • Electric Vehicle Charger. 3 phase charger with superior charging time. Peak controller to monitor how much power is being used – will change the capacity of the charger to not overload the electrical supply of the house

Watch Futureflip’s showcase video of Bunker House below

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