Smart Solar Automation

Solar Battery System Meets Smart Home Automation

Whilst solar energy is already highly innovative, automation takes things to new heights. A fully integrated smart solar energy system with a battery lets you use as much of your solar power as possible, which reduces the amount sent to the grid and maximises your return on investment. You are in control of how your excess power is used. Our extensive experience with home automation means you can trust us with your smart solar battery system. The way the system is designed is more sophisticated than a standard solar energy system, so choose a company with experience.

About Solar Energy

Decide Where Energy is Used in the Home

A correctly designed solar panel system will often generate excess energy during the day. This excess energy flows to the battery and charges it. Then, our smart home technology allows us to decide where that energy is used. Charge electric cars, boost hot water, power appliances, pool pumps or whatever else. It is much more beneficial to use the power in the home rather than selling it back to the grid for far less than you pay. This will ensure the lowest possible electricity bills. The settings can be left on auto mode or managed on smart home apps.

Energy Monitoring

Getting Smart with A Solar Battery System

Usually automation and solar energy are completely separate technologies in the home, but Ryelec’s expertise in automation allows us to tie it all together, making the whole house work together in one cohesive system toward the best outcome – the cheapest possible electricity bills, and the most solar power generated, stored and actually used in the home.

Ryelec Energy is about using smart technologies to further enhance renewable energy and drive progress in the industry. We do groundbreaking work of combining automation with solar. Now we can be smarter with our energy choices. This is the innovation the solar industry needs.

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Streamline Your Sustainable Smart Home Project

Ryelec thrives when taking on full smart home projects, where we are responsible for the entire electrical design and installation, home automation, audio-visual, security and solar in the home. Our diverse team allows us to offer this all in-house, from start to finish. Streamlining and simplifying things massively for our clients and avoiding problems that often occur when so many trades are cross-communicating. Our team is made up of systems integrators with advanced experience in automation, qualified electricians, graphic designers/app developers, and solar installers with years experience. We have many accreditations and use elite products made of high quality materials that go the distance. You can trust us with your dream sustainable smart home.

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