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Automation technology is at exciting levels, with advancements being made every year. More and more homes and venues are adding smart technology, as the convenience, luxury and energy saving capabilities become more apparent. The smart home is no longer a futuristic dream. There are a lot of great automation tech options out there, and they all vary in what they offer. Many of the softwares provide a standard user interface with minimal modification options, but some of them allow for completely custom user interfaces. Yep, you can design a smart home app. Our favourite automation technologies with custom user interfaces are RTI Control and Clipsal by Schneider C-Bus Automation.

C-Bus Automation Controllers (SHAC & NAC) are powerful and impressive, but the software is completely blank upon first opening. Which can definitely be a little bit intimidating, especially if you don’t have much design experience. Over the years of working with the technology, Ryelec has learnt a lot and also created a lot of design elements, releasing graphics packages along the way to support other integrators. These graphics packages act as a sample project which can be loaded into the software for page layouts, icons, wallpapers, scripting and much more. They save hours of pre-preprogramming time and work as great teachers for those that are learning.


Our latest graphics package is Zenith.


CBus Smart Home App Design


Zenith was created to make it as quick and simple as possible to design a smart home app, whilst resulting in high-end and ultra impressive interfaces – with over 550 icons in both SVG & PNG format, hundreds of background images and shapes, custom font, CSS code, javascript, all the page layouts and preprogramming of a CBus Automation system, plus a helpful user manual.

Please see the YouTube video below for an in-depth run through of the Zenith Graphics Package and to learn more about working with the Clipsal CBus automation technology.





Zenith is waiting and ready to help you design awesome smart home apps!

There a few options available, you can follow the links below to see more and download Zenith today.



Our Zenith FAQ page may answer any questions that you have, or feel free to reach out for any further support!

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